Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

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Venum makes gear for various contact sports and has sponsored numerous well-known fighters; this is just a fact. Knowing this should make one wonder what their typical starter gloves should feel like to the wearer and what they should be capable of. If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that can handle various blows and provide the wearer with an excellent level of cushioning during use, look no further than the Venum Challenger 2.0. These gloves are relatively lightweight and absorb such a high level of cushioning that it becomes almost impossible not to function at a very high level while the gloves are in use. The gloves come in all of the standard materials and provide the wearer what they need concerning wrist support and protection.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Stylish
  • Entry level gloves


For a glove to really even be considered suitable for use in a boxing environment, it must have all of the materials necessary and provide the wearer what they need in terms of protection; this fact becomes increasingly important as one moves past mitt work on to the heavy bag and the inevitable sparring. The cushioning in this glove is just superb; the material provides the wearer what they need in terms of shock absorption and enables the wearer to be able to handle all that they need in terms of the ability to handle the impacts that they are taking on, on a regular basis. This is just something to keep in mind due to the fact that this is a contact sport and a few punches in an unpadded glove can result in high levels of discomfort. The wrist support provided by the gloves is probably of the standard variety; it’s a strap with Velcro and it stabilizes the wrist while the gloves are in use.


These are a pair of inexpensive, beginners boxing gloves. Yet, they still do their job incredibly well and are rather well made. Most gloves over the 50-dollar mark are still rather durable and won’t fall apart after only a few uses of the glove; the same goes for this glove. The Challenger 2.0 is made from the usual durable hybrid-leather materials and won’t rip after only a few uses of the glove; this is pretty standard considering that the majority of best boxing gloves nowadays are designed from this material and shouldn’t come apart very easily. The stitching is rather close-knit; a close up of the glove will show that one can hardly see any differentiation between the stitching, which is a very good thing for the wearer of the glove. The gloves o their best to look as high-quality as they can but, a side by side comparison of these and another slightly more expensive pair, such as a pair of Cleto-Reyes or Grants will easily show the imperfections in the glove; that isn’t to say that it’s a bad pair of gloves, rather than the material makeup of the glove isn’t the best.


Venum can’t help but design some flashy gloves. The gloves have the normal Venum insignia splayed across the front and on the wrist section of the gloves; the color combinations used serves to give the gloves a somewhat added flair and makes the garish Venum logo look rather attractive. The glove comes in the base colors such as black and white but, are also available in several other much brighter colorways. They have the standard Velcro wrist wrap design and provides the wearer with a decent level of wrist support and a bit of comfort. On the inside of the wrist strap, there is an elastic band located that allows the gloves to provide the wearer with a bit of room to adjust the snugness of the glove themselves. The gloves are designed using a hybrid-leather material and are a bit on the shiny side because of this; the gloves have a certain level of plastic mixed with the design that gives them that glossy look. The stitching in the gloves does its job to contrast with the rest of the materials and adds a level of flair to the overall glove design.


The gloves fit much like other gloves of its design; it has an elastic band fitted around the wrist section that works to provide the wearer with a certain level of wrist support, which in turn provides protection when the glove is in use; nothing is worse than a glove that fits loosely in that area of the wearer’s hand because of the spraining and bruising that it can result in. The added elastic material on the wristband also provides a bit of added support to the wearer's wrist while the glove is in use due to the adjustability that it allows being made present. The padding on the inside of the gloves aids in making them in providing the wearer with a tighter fit as well. Lastly, the actual cut of the glove itself is one that is ergonomically designed to give the wearer a design that blends with their natural curvature and provides them with an overall outstanding fit.


Venum does their best to make some extremely comfortable gloves; the curves of the mitt itself blends exactly with the curves of the wearer’s hand and allows for a natural and easily movable fit to be achieved by the glove. The cushioning in the gloves doesn’t take very long to break in which is a huge plus for everyone seeking to wear the glove; a lot of the more expensive gloves can take months to ever actually feel like a second skin, so the fact that these already come feeling like a cloud is a huge plus. The level of cushioning also directly takes away from the feel of the gloves while in use; one doesn’t have to worry about feeling the impacts on their knuckles while the gloves are in use, another plus. Most gloves also feature a design that allows for breathability; the thumb and inside of the gloves are well-ventilated to allow for air to flow to the inside and to reduce the effects that sweat has on the wearer's hand while they are in use.


These gloves are so inexpensive that it is a bit crazy. Venum has various models of gloves that can be bought for well under 100 dollars, these aren’t of that variety. For all intents and purposes, the Challenger 2.0 is a training glove and has all the materials inside of it that justify the price. The “hide” of the glove is fashioned from a plastic-leather combination; most other gloves utilize a plain leather mix which is something that also causes them to be a bit on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price. The use of the plastic blend on the outer portion of the mitt also extends its lifetime somewhat, something to keep in mind when weighing the price and longevity of the product against each other. Overall, the materials that make up the design of the glove give the glove a bit of value, especially considering the low price tag that is attached to them.


These gloves are manufactured by the extremely popular boxing and MMA gear provider, Venum. Their materials go unmatched by many of the other gear providers and have been featured in various MMA tournaments around the world. Their gear generally sits on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price and provides the wearer with what they need regarding comfort and durability. They are known for producing gloves that have a bit of a flashy look to them and that also pack quite the punch while they are in use; the materials that are found throughout the design of their gloves are just the tiny bit shiny and the color schemes simply make sure that everyone who looks at their glove knows exactly who produced them. Again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing simply considering the fact that the gloves get the job done and don’t skimp out on any of the necessities.


Venom’s gloves may appear t be cheaply made simply because of the materials that can be found throughout the glove’s design. The outer of the glove is fashioned from a rubber/plastic mix that gives them a bit of dexterity while they are in use; the plastic makes the gloves a bit harder than necessary (they’re training gloves, so this is okay) but still allows them to do what needs to be done in terms of protection and support while the glove is in use. The strapping on the gloves is also fashioned from this Hybrid leather solution but it adds a bit of a switch-up to the mix; the material has an elastic extension added to it that allows for a bit of stretch and ensures that the wearer of the glove receives a snug fit while the glove is in use. The addition of the elastic material on the glove isn’t really anything out of the ordinary but is still a much needed plus in terms of design. The Velcro material on the glove is also a much-needed plus in the design of the gloves because of the functionality that it provides to the wearer; Velcro just gets rid of the difficulties that are associated with lacing and allows for a much more comfortable than usual while the glove is in use.


Something else to note about the design of these gloves is that they always show up, prepared, to practice. The hybrid leather exterior on the gloves, if taken care of correctly should give the wearer no worries in terms of its ability to deal with constant usage and whether or not it’s just going to up and tear. The cushioning gets compressed rather easily but always manages to bounce back into shape; this is simply another thing that should be looked at when thinking of purchasing a glove; the cushioning should always offer the wearer a bit of functionality and should give no worry in terms of its ability to bounce back into shape after a few uses. The Velcro material in the glove also allows for a decent level of support and does so on a consistent basis; this is something that is overlooked by many but, a lot of Velcro materials simply get cluttered with various materials and lose their stickiness over time. This doesn’t become an issue with the use of these gloves.


These heavy bag gloves are designed for use during training sessions only. The material on the outer of the gloves will and to allow them to hold their own when used on the heavy bags; leather gloves do this too, but for an inexpensive glove such as this one to be able to deal with the heavy bag on a regular basis and not tear apart is an amazing feat and is one that is accomplished by these gloves. The design of the gloves is one that enables them to be used in various sports outside of the type of boxing sport; they have enough cushioning on the backhand to be used during kickboxing as well. The fact that they are versatile enough to even be used in sports outside of just regular boxing is something that one should take note of as well.


The gloves come in the standard weight classes; they range from the normal 8 oz to 16oz gloves. The weight that a fighter picks can work to either hurt or help the fighter during an actual bout; this is simply something to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a pair of gloves.

Key features

• Hybrid leather hide
• Elastic leather make
• Ventilated design


As we all know, Venum makes some simply wonderful gloves; their gloves provide a durable overall design and an aesthetically pleasing look. The design of the gloves themselves may seem to be a bit gaudy to some when taken out of the box, but when on handwork look wonderful; in the ring, they only look better. The materials that make up the gloves themselves provide the wearer with a decent feel and the lack of an extensive break-in time being required only enhances this aspect of the gloves. Overall, these gloves would make a rather decent pair of starter gloves and for the price, just can’t be beaten.