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The Venum challenger Standup shin guards are one of the more affordable options in the Venum line. They offer a decent level of protection to the fighters using them. There may not be quite enough impact absorption to those of you that are seriously advanced in your skill and dishing out heavy blows. For beginner and intermediate users, these will work great. Additionally, they will do well during light sparring and bag work. They offer extra protection on the shin and the instep. These are high-impact areas so, extra protection is a great feature. Some advanced fighters with very conditioned shins do find that these offer the protection and fit they are looking for. So, depending on your conditioning and skill level these could be a perfect match for what you are looking for.

Most shin guards do not offer any sort of adjustability. You have to look at a sizing chart and hope for the best. The closure of this item is made from Velcro pieces attached to elastic straps. This offers better stretch and improved adjustability. It is important to note that consumers have found that the edges of the Velcro are sharp. This could lead to discomfort. In addition, you may notice them leaving scratches. Not everyone is having this problem but you should be aware of it. You will get an awesome fit that won't shift around. This plays an imperative role in keeping you safe. Overall, people are pretty happy with this lower level option by Venum.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good Adjustability
  • Stay-Put Fit
  • Accurate Sizing
  • Decent Protection
  • Extra Padding At Instep
  • Fairly Affordable
  • Durable Padding
  • Very Light
  • Sharp Edges On Velcro
  • Durability Issues With Outer Material


A few years more than a decade ago, the Venum brand started working towards becoming a leading brand of fight gear and equipment. Today, they offer products across the globe. Regardless of if you are into boxing, Kickboxing, Judo, Karate, or other mixed martial arts, you will need gear and equipment to succeed. This brand has it all. With a variety of options in every category meeting your price point and needs is a cinch. When you are looking for great options in clothing, shin guards, bags, gloves, and other items for combat sports Venum has you covered. They take great pride in their lines and continue to develop them. This helps ensure you are getting the latest technology and some of the best performing products available. The fighters using their items are raving about how great the quality and customer service is. Running into problems will barely be an inconvenience as this brand will be there to help you figure it out.


This brand always does a pretty decent job in choosing materials that are going to last you quite some time. This is even true when you participate in daily training sessions that involve repeated impact. The outer material of this product is made from synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is not going to hold up as well as genuine leather, however, it is a more affordable option. As with most other brands they use a high-density foam padding to absorb shock and disperse it. The foam they use does a good job of this. There are several pieces of elastic that are used in the design of this item. One of them is located under the foot to secure the padding. Another is going to wrap behind your ankle and again plays a major role in the fit of the lower part of the set of guards. The other two pieces of elastic have velcro attached to the ends. They will be used to secure this item to your legs.


The people using this item are very happy with the fit. It is quite secure and you won't have to worry about it shifting around too much. If you have poorly fitting protective gear it's definitely going to move while you are using it. This is a major problem because it leaves you open and susceptible to injuries that could take you away from your chosen fight sport for quite some time. It has been noted by a couple of consumers that the fit does improve with time. This is due to the fact that the foam that is used only has a slight curve when you get it but it will adjust even more as you break them in. The more you use this product the better the fit and fearless going to be. Once you have the more you like them they are going to maintain that position and feel as if they were customized just for you.


The song Shannon is going to give you a decent level of breathability. The way these are structured and styled well allows Overall, notion guard is going to be truly breathable if it offers decent protection. for more airflow than other designs. When you wear shin guards that slide on like a sock they are exceptionally hot and very limited in breathability. The reason this item is better is that the majority of your calf will be exposed. In addition to this, they use a moisture wicking liner on the inside to help keep your skin dry. These two features will provide you with a cooler and more comfortable training session. Obviously, the more gear you're wearing the hotter you're going to be so, the level of breathability does play a role in whether or not this is the right item for you. Customers are pretty pleased with the breathability that they are getting when wearing this item. However, this one is better than many others.


You'll be getting a fairly good level of protection when using this item. Venom has taken some steps to make sure your most vulnerable areas are well protected. They have added the extra padding to the InStep and the front of the shin. It is important to note that some consumers have mentioned they don't feel that this product offers a high enough level of protection for those that are truly skilled in their discipline. If you are hitting exceptionally hard it is likely you will feel it through this shin guard. You may even end up with some bruises if your shins are not well conditioned. This is going to be best suited towards the beginning and intermediate users. It will also work very well during bag training and during lighter sparring sessions. If you are involved in heavy sparring sessions you might want to look for a different set of guards that offer a higher level of protection. They are offered by this brand as well as some other well-known Brands like Hayabusa and TITLE Boxing.


People find this item to be quite comfortable. Most of the features are excellent to provide you with the fit and feel you are looking for. The materials offer a decent level of adjustability which, in turn, will help to provide a higher level of comfort. As noted, some people have found that the edges of the velcro are exceptionally sharp. This can lead to discomfort. You may find that it is scratching your skin or in general, irritating you. This is not a common complaint but it is definitely something that has been mentioned more than once by the people wearing them and could lead to some discomfort. Obviously, we wear protective equipment to maintain optimal levels of health and comfort only plays a small role. This item will keep most people very comfortable throughout their entire training session even when it lasts for hours.


This is one of the lighter weight options that are currently available in this category. They come in at just under a pound for the pair. Obviously, this is not going to be enough weight for you to even notice it. When you are wearing a plethora of protective gear it can weigh you down and inhibit your performance. You won't have to worry about this when using this option from Venum. All of the materials used are lightweight so when combined it's not surprising that the entire item is lightweight. When using the lightweight gear you will avoid added muscle fatigue. In addition, it can help to improve recovery times in between rounds and sessions. Overall, customers are very pleased with the lightweight nature of this item and have often times said when wearing them it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything at all.


This item offers better adjustability than many other options that are currently available to you. This means that it is going to fit a wider variety of fighters and obviously, this is an advantage. You'll be able to find a great fitting pair of shin guards exceptionally easily. Another advantage in using this item is that they add extra padding to the areas that you need it most. Sustaining injuries can take you out of the game for quite some time. You will get an excellent fit with this product. This is not only due to the adjustability but due to the structure and design of this product. This brand has done an excellent job in researching and developing their shin guards to ensure they stay put and keep you well protected. You will also get a better level of breathability with a style of this item. While you still may become hot and sweaty it will be more comfortable and cooler than many other guards that you may have tried in the past.


Looking at the disadvantages of a product can help you make a sound decision on whether or not it is a perfect match for you and your routine. This item does have a couple of things that are not so positive. The first one, as noted, is the fact that the velcro may irritate your skin. Not only that, it could even cause abrasions after wearing them for longer periods of time. The other aspect that is not so great is the fact that the outer material has some durability issues. Unlike genuine leather, when you use synthetic leather you face issues like peeling. This is what is being said about this item. After a few months of use, you may find that the synthetic leather starts to peel away from the shin guards. Eventually, this will lead to you needing to replace them. The only other thing that could be sad is that this item may not give enough protection to advanced Fighters. There are plenty of other options out there that will but you should be aware that this is best suited towards beginners and intermediate users.


We feel like this product is a very good value. The cost that is associated with it is slightly less than the average cost of a solid set of shin guards. They will hold up for a fairly long time and they offer a decent level of protection. They are very easy to put on and take off which is an aspect that customers love. Not having to spend a plethora of time getting in and out of your gear means more time for training. Basically, any budget will be able to absorb the blow of this item. Keep in mind, some budgets may need a bit of time before you are able to call this item your own as decent shin guards are not cheap. Overall, the reviews regarding this option are exceptionally good. People are really happy with the fit, protection level, and feel of this product. It offers better adjustability and breathability than many others. You are likely going to be very satisfied with this product once you give it a try.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, putting your trust in money into this brand is very rarely a mistake. You'll be getting a pretty good level of protection that covers your shin, ankles, and feet. Venum pays attention to the areas that fighters need the most protection and that can be seen when looking at this set of guards. Finding the perfect fit is not difficult when investing in this option. He will have a bit of a just ability and the sizing guide that they provide is exceptionally accurate. People are really into the fact that they can choose a color that suits their style when choosing this item. While there aren't a ton of different color options there are at least a few. Overall, this is a solid choice and shin protection for those of you that are participating in light sparring sessions, bag work, or you're just starting out in the world of mixed martial arts.