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Venum Contender gloves offer great comfort and shock absorbing abilities. They will allow you to train harder and longer without the pain you associate with inferior gloves. The protection they provide your hands, fingers, and wrists is awesome. They are shaped to help you form proper strikes and this will also help reduce the risk of you injuring yourself. The thumb is attached to the glove. This adds protection and helps you avoid twisting your thumb in an unnatural position. You will be getting high-quality construction that is quite durable and can take a beating very well. The gloves you choose to spar in need to protect you and your partner. This option does that effortlessly. They are quite affordable. The durability is excellent which is very important when you consider the abuse you put your boxing gloves through. Whether you are training in the gym or hitting the heavy bag at home, these gloves will suit your needs. Venum is an exceptionally trusted brand and produces top quality fight gear. Consumers have been trusting them for a long time because of the quality and craftsmanship of their products. Overall, these are great gloves for beginner and intermediate users.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Secure Fit
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Trusted Brand
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Anatomical Design
  • Superior Construction
  • Multi-Density Foam
  • Lacks Breathability
  • Stiff


Venum has become a brand that is synonymous with boxing and MMA. They offer great equipment and apparel to suit all of your needs. They understand that participating in fight sports requires excellent gear to keep you protected while training. Their products are made with the highest quality materials and are constructed to last. From trunks to protective equipment this brand has you covered completely. Their products are built to last through the most grueling training sessions. The understanding that price and quality both matters are aspects that this brand pays attention to. They provide comfort and protection which is exactly what you need during training for hard-hitting sports. You can trust that Venum will provide you top quality items regardless of if you are a beginner or an advanced fighter.


This glove is best suited towards beginners. It is an entry-level glove and does not have as much padding as you may expect. It offers enough to keep your hands and wrists protected while sparring or training on a bag. It is important to note that if you are a heavy hitter or practicing advanced techniques you may not find this glove has enough padding for you. Most people feel as if the padding it contains as well balanced throughout the glove. It is made from a triple density foam that gives excellent shock-absorption and disburses energy evenly. You will be able to train for quite a long time while wearing these heavy bag gloves. They will keep your hands protected and feeling great.


As with many gloves you come into contact with in today's market these use a hook and loop style closure. This makes it exceptionally simple to take them on and off. You will no longer need help tying your gloves on. This saves you quite a bit of time at the gym or while working out at home. They are secured with a fairly large piece of Velcro. Due to the fact that they use a larger piece than most other gloves, these will fit more securely. You won't have to worry about them coming undone during your training sessions. This is a major advantage because if your gloves come loose during training you may sustain injuries. There are no reports from consumers stating that they have trouble with keeping this glove secure. It is important to note that if there becomes any buildup on your velcro it may not stick as well. Making sure to keep it clean will ensure that you always have a secure closure.


This glove offers a decent level of protection. This is not only for your hands but also for your fingers and your wrists. The padding that is included does a great job of absorbing shock. It is important to note that this glove does not have as much padding as others that are available to you. If you are an advanced fighter you may not find that these offer enough protection. For beginners and intermediate users, it will offer a great level of protection. They perform well and fitness classes, sparring, mitt work, and bag work. Overall, customers are satisfied with the level of protection that this glove offers. The way the closure systems that surround the wrist will offer stability and protection.


Consumers have noted that the fit of this glove is a bit snug. This is especially prominent in the beginning before you have broken them in. They take longer than most other gloves to become broken in but that does increase the overall durability. The wrist strap is adjustable so you can fit it comfortably throughout your routine. This glove is designed with an anatomical shake that will help them fit the way they are supposed to. The fit of this love also helps you with the form of your punch. The glove has a thumb that is connected to it for protection and a reduction in the chance of twisting or injuring it. Overall, people are satisfied with the fit of this glove and say that it becomes better and better with continued use.


This is an exceptionally comfortable glove. While in the beginning, it may be a bit snug and stiff, over time you will break it in and fall in love with the way it feels on your hands. The closure around the wrist is also comfortable. It's padded and adjustable so you can set it to exactly how you like it. Due to the fact that hold your hand in the natural punching position, you'll find increased comfort with them. The excellent shock absorption of the foam used inside this glove also aids and its overall comfort. Almost all of the reviews about this gloves state that it is quite comfortable. Even when you decide to use them for extended periods of time you will find no complaints about how your hands, wrists, fingers, and elbows feel.


Depending on which color you choose the price does vary slightly. These gloves carry a mid-range price tag that most budgets will be able to afford easily. They are quite durable so the price seems completely understandable. There are absolutely cheaper boxing gloves available to you but they will be of lesser quality. The glove that you get here is high quality and affordable. It will not take a giant chunk out of your bank account. Price plays an important part in the overall value of a product but it is not the only thing to take under consideration. Will you look at the aspects of this club in the fact that you can use them in your home gym, fitness routines, or boxing classes it is simple to see why so many people feel that it is a very good value. We agree and feel that if you give this glove a chance you'll be happy with your results and your purchase.


The outer shell of this glove is made of synthetic leather. It is very high-quality synthetic leather and does not feel like plastic. Many other synthetic gloves are stiff and uncomfortable. The high-quality material that is used here is quite durable and feels great. As previously mentioned they also use a multi-density foam. The foam they use is excellent for shock-absorbing which is necessary to keep your hands feeling great. The closure system is wrapped in the same synthetic leather and also uses a large velcro pad. Their design is fairly simple and the materials they use are of the best quality. This leads you to excellent durability and longevity of use.


These gloves are not nearly as breathable as others that are available to you on the market today. Many gloves offer a mesh palm which gives you exceptional breathability. This love does not have a mesh palm. There are ventilation holes in the palm of this glove. This offers a bit of extra breathability but it is not nearly as good as the mesh options. What this means for you is that your hands may become exceptionally hot and sweaty while wearing these gloves. This could lead to a variety of problems including blisters and skin breakdown. There are no major reports of people complaining about the breathability of these gloves, however, we feel you should be aware that they do not breathe as well as others.


You would do best to use these gloves for light Training, Fitness classes, or beginner boxing exercises. They would suit intermediate users quite well also. If you are an advanced fighter you may not find that these are the best option for you as they do not provide as much protection as you may need. They do an excellent job when you are participating in sparring activities. Their performance on speed bags and heavy bags is also quite good. You can use these gloves while practicing with your trainer. it is important to note that these gloves may not be great for some mixed martial arts disciplines. If you do a lot of grappling exercises, the limited range of motion in your fingers may inhibit you in meeting your training goals.


Venum Offers all of the weights that you would expect with a training glove. You have the option to buy them in an 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, or 16 oz weight. What this means is that there is a glove to suit everybody's needs. Whether you are getting your child signed up for Boxing class and want to buy kids boxing gloves or you're continuing on your journey to becoming a great fighter they offer a glove that will aid you in your venture. It is important that you measure correctly and understand that your glove weight is typically associated with your actual weight. These are the standard weights that you'll find in training gloves for boxing and kickboxing. Some people like to wear a lighter glove as it increases their speed and reduces fatigue. Others do like to wear a slightly heavier glove for the opposite reason as it will help you build muscle and endurance.


This glove is very good quality. They use high-quality materials and pay attention to the small details to ensure that you are getting one of the better gloves available on the market today. There are certainly gloves that are of higher quality but they all carry much higher price tags. This glove is quite durable and will suit a variety of needs in terms of exercise use. Venum is known for making quality equipment and fight gear. These beginners gloves are a perfect example of why so many people use this brand’s products. Paying attention to the small details as what makes these gloves stand out. They use a wider strap of velcro to ensure a great fit and great security. The stitching is clean and strong. Overall they are good quality and will not disappoint the wearer.


As previously mentioned, these gloves are made of synthetic leather. Unlike genuine leather, they are exceptionally simple to take care of. Genuine leather gloves require conditioners and special cleaners. You have to devote a lot of time to them which is difficult for many people. The use of synthetic leather reduces the care time drastically. You'll be able to Simply wipe them down with a disinfectant or multi-purpose cleaner. It is important that you let your gloves dry in between uses to ensure that they continue to smell great and look good. Overall, these gloves are exceptionally simple to take care of. You will want to look at the velcro on occasion to make sure that there is no build up so you can continue to breathe easy at the thought of a secure closure.

Bottom Line

These gloves are a really good choice for beginner and intermediate users. They will offer you protection and provide you with a great starter glove. Using them for sparring, bag training, and Fitness classes is an excellent idea. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to sue you all of your needs. They are simple to care for and carry a fairly low price point. Most people will be able to work them into their budget and know that they have a good quality pair of boxing gloves that they can rely on for quite some time. Overall, consumers are very satisfied after purchasing these gloves. We feel that you should give them a chance and that if you do you'll be satisfied with your purchase.