Venum Elite Belly Protector Review

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The Venum Elite Belly Protector will protect more than just your abdomen. It offers wrap-around protection that will make working through endless rounds with fighters possible. Venum has done an excellent job shaping this piece of equipment to offer a nice fit for a variety of sizes and builds. When training or sparring with a boxer or mixed martial artist you are opening yourself up to injuries. These could be simple things like cuts and bruises or more serious conditions like concussions and broken bones. Wearing protective gear like shin guards, elbow pads, and body protectors can help to ensure these injuries don't occur. This item has a strategic design. There are beefed up target areas that will not only give your fighter something to aim at but will also do a great job of absorbing the impact. You will feel very little when dawning this item. The price tag associated with this item is pretty high. Consumers do feel as if it is worth it due to the high level of protection they get. In addition, they find it worth it as it gives exceptional longevity of use. You will be able to easily see the quality of this item. It is handmade and the fine details have been paid attention to. Overall, customers are thrilled with this item from Venum.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Anatomical Design
  • Nice Color Options
  • Targeting Zones
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Simple To Adjust
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Handmade
  • Excellent Fit
  • Expensive
  • May Shift While Wearing
  • Longer Care Routine
  • Price Variation Based On Color


For almost fifteen years, Venum has been striving to be a leader in the world of combat sports. They are accomplishing it. Fighters all over the world are investing their money into this brand's products. Why you may ask? It is due to the fact that not only does this brand offer everything you need but also because the quality and craftsmanship are better than most. They try to keep things affordable, knowing it is a major investment to keep yourself well-protected. Whether you are looking for clothing, gloves, rings, punching bags, protective gear, or other fight-related items they are sure to have a quality option for you. Putting trust in a brand nowadays can be very difficult as so many are making inferior products and charging astronomical prices. That is not the case with Venum. They stand behind their products and work to ensure that their customers have the best experience possible. You won't be disappointed when you choose to trust this brand.


The outer shell of this material is made from semi-leather. Semi-leather is genuine leather that has just gone through a different process than other types of leather. This means you will have a very durable piece of equipment as leather holds up better than most other types of materials. The inside is made of several inches of high-density foam padding. This is pretty typical among items in the same category. So many brands use it because it really holds up well and does an excellent job of absorbing shock from kicks and punches. There are also three built-up areas that give you better protection in some of the areas you need it most. They also make a great target for your fighter to hone in on. The back of the pad is lined with fabric that will help move moisture away from your skin and, in turn, help to keep you more comfortable throughout sweaty training sessions. The only other material used is a very large piece of Velcro. This is used to secure the closure and it offers great sticking power.


You'll be getting a very good level of protection when you decide to use this piece of equipment. It is important to note that it does not come up as high as other body protectors but it will still cover your solar plexus, abdomen, and sides. To keep yourself truly protected, you may also want to invest in groin protection and shin protection. The thick high density foam will do an exceptional job of absorbing impact. As mentioned, there are three separate areas where the padding is thicker. This is covering your vital organs. It offers a better level of protection over a longer period of time. It has been mentioned that this product may move while in use. This could lead to a hole in your protection and cause you to sustain unnecessary injuries. This does not appear to be a common problem but it is definitely something to take into consideration. Overall, you'll be getting a very good level of protection that you can rely on.


You'll be facing one of the simplest closure systems available. While many items in this category use buckles or straps that can be extremely difficult to handle on your own this one does not. All you'll have to deal with is one exceptionally long and large piece of velcro. Consumers have mentioned that the Velcro used in this product is better than most and has amazing sticking power. This may seem like an odd comment, however, not all velcro is created equal. It is important to note that you will want to take a look at the velcro on a fairly frequent basis. When doing this check to make sure there is no build up on it. If you'll allow debris to build up in your bell Crow it will lose its sticking power and could lead to this product being unusable. It doesn't take too much time to ensure that your velcro stays in great condition and that the closure stays secure.


You will get a fairly good level of adjustability when you go with this item. Unlike many other options, this one is simple to adjust. When you were dealing with a bunch of straps and buckles it can be a major challenge to find the perfect fit. It is a nice aspect that you won't need to have help to adjust this product. Due to the fact that it is just one large piece of velcro, you'll be able to simply unstick it from itself and loosen or tighten it as you find necessary. Keep in mind, the more of the velcro that is exposed the likelier it is to obtain some debris. Simply clean it out to ensure you continue to have a great stick. Consumers are very satisfied with the amount of adjustability that this product offers. It will fit a wide variety of sizes and shapes quite easily. The anatomical design of this item also helps to give you a good fit as you find the perfect adjustment.


This item is actually more comfortable than other options available to you in the same category. It does not use as many straps and, in turn, offers a better level of comfort. It is contoured to fit the shape of your body which definitely plays its role in comfort. In addition, the moisture wicking liner helps to keep you cooler and drier throughout every training session. This will also play a role in keeping you comfortable. This item is not quite as bulky as other options which also makes it a bit more comfortable. You will be able to move naturally while wearing it and this is an aspect that people appreciate. Not only will natural movement provide your Fighters with a more realistic training experience it will also keep you better protected in the long run. It will also keep you more comfortable. Overall, consumers are more than pleased with the level of comfort the experience while training with this piece of protective equipment.


Taking care of this product will take a bit more effort than others will. This is due to the fact that it is made of genuine leather. Leather requires special cleaners and conditioners to keep it soft and supple. Without proper care, it may crack and eventually become unusable. The back material that will be against your body can be cleaned with a variety of cleaners and deodorizers. You can even clean it lightly with soap and water. It is advantageous to your overall health and the lifespan of this item to let it dry completely between uses. The fact that this product has a bit more intense care routine may be a deal breaker for some people. Life gets very very busy and finding the time to not only clean but condition leather products can be a burden. Overall, consumers do feel as if the extra care required is worth it for the fantastic protection and comfort that this item offers.


One of the major advantages of this item is the level of comfort that you get with it. It doesn't have the shoulder straps and this leads to excellent levels of comfort. When you are going to be wearing a piece of equipment for long hours comfort is a big deal. You will also be getting a great level of protection, especially, in the places you need it most. The extra padding in the abdomen and the sides will keep all of your vulnerable areas exceptionally well protected. Another great advantage of this product is the simple closure system and easy adjustability that it offers. You won't have to worry about having help when taking it on and off. In addition, you won't need help if you need to loosen or tighten it mid-training session. Consumers are also insanely happy with the longevity of use they get out of this item. It uses crazy durable materials so you won't have to worry about replacing it for a plethora of time. These are only a few of the advantages associated with this item.


As with all items, this product does have a few disadvantages. To be fair, the disadvantages associated with this item are not seriously major. Consumers have noted that they are not happy with the fact that this product shifts while in use. This is not being commonly noted but it is a possibility. If your protective equipment shifts, it could leave you open to injuries that are completely unnecessary. The other aspect that consumers are not thrilled with is the long maintenance routine. In today's busy world finding the time to invest in another piece of leather can be difficult. For some, this could be a deal breaker. Overall, the disadvantages associated with this item are not as bad as many others. We feel the advantages heavily outweigh the disadvantages, however, they do need to be taken into consideration prior to you decide to call this piece of equipment your own.


The fighters using this item feel as if it is a great value. The price tag associated with it varies depending on what color you decide to go with. This is a bit of an inconvenience for some people. So, while some color choices are very affordable others are actually very expensive. If you don't care about the color you will absolutely be able to find one that fits nicely into your budget. Finding the true value of any item is a difficult thing to do and will vary from person to person. If you look over all of the aspects of this item we feel it is easy to see why so many feel it's a great value. You will be very well protected and have a reliable piece of equipment for years to come. People are very happy with this item and the performance of it. Overall, we feel that this is a great investment.

Bottom Line

When you need a great piece of fight gear, relying on Venum is a smart decision. You will be well protected where you need it the most. Not only that, in your most sensitive areas, there is more protection than with many others. It does have a harder care routine but you will also be able to use it for a lot longer if you invest the time. Participating in combat sports comes with some very much needed equipment. Protective equipment is some of the most critical. Choosing this for your body protection is a solid choice. The consumers that are using it are very pleased with the level of impact absorption that it offers and the limited feel they have when being struck by a heavy punch or kick. Overall, consumers are more than satisfied with this product by Venum.