Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

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The design that the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are equipped with provides the wearer with an extremely high level of comfort and functionality during use. The materials incorporated into the design allows the wearer to have an extremely high-level of cushioning and ensures that they don’t feel the effects of punches when thrown. The design of the glove itself is rather seamless and ensures that the wearer has a snug fitting experience that is void of any of the traditional irritation that is accompanied by the designs of most gloves nowadays. Venum is known for producing gloves that go above and beyond regarding comfort and allows the wearer to do all of the things that wearer’s need when they are engaging in the activities such as sparing and heavy bags work.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Snug fitting
  • Reduces the possibility of injury
  • Entry level gloves


The Venum Elite glove models are on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of Venum’s boxing gloves. Unlike their other glove models, these gloves have features that ensure/provide the wearer with a decent level of protection, especially for the heavier training activities such as sparring. The gloves are designed out of materials that allow for heat control; they have partial mesh and full mesh designs that allow a decent level of air to make its way into the glove. Besides this, the gloves have a rigid enough feel in the thumb and forefinger sections that the wearer doesn’t have to worry about possible injuring him or herself while the glove is worn; the support provided in these areas prevents awkward positioning of the hand, which can lead to injury in the long run. The added padding in the gloves is a tremendous help for those who’re seeking ways to prevent damage from coming upon their hands while in combat; other lower-quality gloves lack the level of padding that this glove has, which results in the wearer feeling every single blow that is thrown and possibly injuring themselves.


For the price, the Venum Elite is definitely a well-made glove. The glove doesn’t have the usual leather material that boxing gloves have generally been designed with; instead, Venum decided to design the glove with a Skintex material. The outside of the Venum glove is designed from a synthetic material that still works much in the same way as the usual leather and provides the wearer with a decent level of protection while the glove is in use. The glove features reinforced seams as well; reinforced seams are rare and basically keep the glove from coming apart after a heavy workout. The strapping that is used to keep the wrist of the gloves secure is designed from the usual Velcro material allowing the glove to provide the wearer with a decent sense of security and ensuring that the gloves don’t simply slip off while the wearer is making use of them. Aside from thee things, the design of the glove is pretty standard. It has the usual grip bar and lasts for about as long as any leather glove would.


Just going off of aesthetic qualities, the Venum Elite is a bit on the gaudy side. The colorways of the glove venture rather far from the usual base colors and are a bit flashy; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing mainly because of the subjectivity of it all. The cut of the glove is just a bit more of the usual; it has the typically curved thumb as well as strapping to provide the wearer with a form of wrist support. The Velcro strapping on the wrist of the glove allows for a decent level of protection for the wearer, especially when they are throwing heavy blows and have the potential to really mess their wrists up; if the punch is thrown at an angle, the wearer has the potential to walk away with a swollen or sprained wrist. The cut of the gloves themselves is one that would work rather well for activities that involve Muay Thai as well; they are a bit smaller than the typical glove and allows for a decent range of motion for the wearer.


Although the Venum Elite doesn’t have all of the premium materials that generally come with boxing gloves, it does it’s best to provide the wearer with a nice overall fit when in use. The glove features Velcro strapping that removes virtually all of the chances that it will come off of the wearer's hand while in use; this feature is especially important due to the dangers that a loose glove opens the wearer up to. The features of the glove such as the thumb and the mitt portion of the glove fit rather well and allow the glove to fit naturally with the curves of the wearer's hand; the fit of the glove and its ability to blend and allow the wearer to make a fist, naturally at that, are superb. The grip bar that is featured in the MIT of the glove increases the overall fit of the glove as well and improves the curving ability of the glove itself.


These gloves are designed to be much more comfortable than other gloves in its category that’s for sure. The padding on the inside of the glove is rather malleable and prevents the wearer from fully feeling the effects of the blows that are thrown. The cushioning also provides the wearer with a sense of comfort when the gloves aren’t yet in use due to its ability to simply conform to the shape of the wearer’s knuckles. The ability to conform to the wearer’s knuckles is actually something that is well-sought after in the boxing pace solely because most gloves have a really hard time finding ways to find the medium between comfort and padding. The strapping in the gloves allows them to provide the wearer with a snug fit and a sense of security that goes unmatched by most other gloves; this transforms into a sense of comfort for the wearer of the glove. Here comes the fun part; to really provide the wearer of the glove with a high level of comfort, Venum fitted the inside with a Skintex material. The Skintex material on the inside of the glove gives the wearer a great sense of comfort and is actually moisture-wicking; the moisture-wicking quality of the material itself provides a great service to the wearer’s hand. The glove no longer has trouble staying dry and it also does it’s best to remove itself from the horrid smells that generally come with the sweat.


Venum has higher priced gloves, but the Elite is not one of them. The price of the Venum Elite gloves is definitely affordable, and it makes a great deal of sense for it to be so. The materials used in the design of the glove aren’t really as high on the scale as the materials used in the higher priced gloves; that isn’t to say that the glove won’t perform for the wearer, rather that they don’t really provide all of the things that leather boxing gloves might. Another thing that greatly justifies the price of the gloves is the fact that they incorporate the use of the Velcro strapping rather than the higher-end lacing; more expensive gloves tend to have lacing that allows them to stick rather naturally and to provide the wearer with a sense of comfort and support above that which is provided by the Velcro strapping. The Skintex material in the gloves does justify the price a bit more than the usual; it’s rather difficult for one to have a glove that provides them with a moisture-wicking solution besides the regular mesh material.


These gloves are designed and produced by Venum sportswear. Venum is known for making a wide variety of fighting wear that is both high quality and functions at a level above and beyond that which the wearer needs. Their sportswear is widely known for being used in MMA fighting arenas by several top-notch athletes; the were worn by Anderson Silva and then worn again by 20 other athletes in matches that were after his. The fact that their gloves were worn by so many people on national television has opened their brand name up to much more people and improved the popularity of the overall brand. Besides this model, there are also various others that Venum creates which function on a similar or somewhat better level; a few of these would be the Challenger and the Challenger 2.0.


The Venum Elite is designed from most of the typical boxing glove materials. The gloves make rather amazing use of Velcro strapping which allows it to function rather well and ensures that it doesn’t come off after being used for a few times; as mentioned earlier, it is imperative that gloves have a design that restricts movement somewhat. The MIT of the glove itself is designed from a synthetic material that is on par with that provided by the typical leather glove; the glove has a high level of longevity and doesn’t break down as easily as the typical glove. Obviously, the inside of the glove makes use of mesh material or Skintex on the inside that allows it to be moisture wicking. The padding on the inside of the glove is nothing special; it is shock absorbent but nothing else.


This, much like quality basically touches on the subject of longevity. Will the glove wake up every single day and perform? The short answer is yes. The material that makes up the majority of the design of the gloves allows the wearer to have a rather decent length of time in the glove without worrying about whether or not the glove will break down after a few uses; the material is quite thick and rather resilient in this way. The Velcro, much like the Velcro on various other gloves, is also rather resilient and will continue to stick firmly for extremely long lengths of time as well. These things, when coupled with the padding on the inside of the gloves, makes for a very trust-worthy glove; the padding on the inside of the glove is very “cushiony’ but it still maintains its dexterity with multiple wears of the glove.


The glove was designed for use in boxing sports. Obviously right? Aside from that very general statement, the gloves have enough cushioning to be used for the more strenuous activities in the sport, such as heavy bag work and sparring. The level of cushioning in the upper portion of the fist allows it to take in the shocks that accompany the blows thrown during these activities. The elongated neck of the glove works to provide the wearer with some wrist support, which is also extremely necessary especially for those whose punches are a bit on the wild side. These gloves could also be used for kickboxing or Muay Thai sports, but it should be considered that there are various, better-suited gloves for this purpose such as Muay Thai gloves.


They come in the weights that are typical of boxing gloves; they range from the lighter 8 oz gloves, all the way to the heavier and higher cushioned 14 oz. gloves. The size that one picks is solely up to them but, keep in mind that the usability of the glove in certain situations is limited to its overall size.

Key features

• Skintex mesh
• Velcro strapping


Overall, these gloves work rather well and suit the needs of the wearer rather well; they have the Velcro strapping that is somewhat customary for gloves of this type and also works to provide the wearer with a sense of support for their wrists. While there are much better gloves out there, for the price of the gloves themselves greatly justifies one’s purchase of them. Also, don’t forget that Venum fitted this design of the gloves with their Skintex material; this allows the gloves to provide the wearer with a decent level of “breathability” and comfort while the gloves are in use.