Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Reviewed

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The Venum Elite Boxing Shoes are a step above many of the options that are currently available to you. Their design is flawless and beautiful. You will be able to make your look more stylish when you decide to rock these in the gym. If you need to improve in the area of footwork this option has what you need. With a stellar grip and excellent transfer of power, you will be able to move around the ring, bobbing and weaving, with ease. It is easy to see the innovation that comes with this pair of boots. They will allow you to move more easily because of the shape and flexibility that they offer. This product was researched and developed over a two year period and it shows. From the way that they breathe to the fit that they offer this is a stellar set of shoes. Whether you are spending long hours shadow boxing or working with a partner these will keep your feet comfortable and help with your overall performance and technique. They are also well suited to be worn during bag training or sessions with your coach. Overall, we are very impressed with this option from Venum and if given the chance we believe you will be too.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Provides Excellent Stability
  • Stellar Look
  • Exceptional Fit
  • Responsive
  • Attached Insole
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Durable Wear
  • Versatile Use
  • Anatomical Design
  • Extremely Comfortable After Breaking-In
  • Expensive
  • Long Break-In Period


Venum has been in the world of high impact sports gear and equipment for almost fifteen years. They are one of the leading brands for all things fitness and sports related. So, whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, excel in the ring, or you are trying out a new martial arts discipline they will have what you need to stay comfortable, safe, and well protected. Across the globe, customers are thrilled with the products that Venum provides. They are all of excellent quality and craftsmanship. You will likely have to invest a bit more money to get their products but if you take the chance you won’t be disappointed. What you will be left with is quality gear and equipment that won’t fail you. The quality and standards that this brand has, are amazing.


Not all boxing shoes offer an insole. This is due to the fact that the less material between your feet and the ring the better feeling you will have when splaying and gripping with your toes. However, there are some issues with a boot lacking an insole. You won’t get the support that you may need. This option has an insole that is attached to the boot so you won’t have to worry about it sliding around and causing you problems while inside the ring. The insole is designed with feet in mind. It is anatomically correct and this will give you an amazing level of comfort and support. Customers are very happy with the insole support that this boot provides. It not only improves the comfort and support but also the overall fit. It is nice to see a well thought out insole for a boxing boot considering we don’t see it very often at all.


The outsole of the Venum Elite Boxing Shoes is amazing. With a great tread design, you will have the grip and traction you need to move around the ring with ease. You won’t have to worry about your feet sliding and making you miss an important punch or dodge. The outsole is made of rubber which is a very common material to be used as an outsole for boxing boots. It is quite durable and the way this one is structured is better than most. The set up of the outsole is also great for power exchange. This will have you punching harder. Your form and performance will improve when you use an outsole like this one. Customers are more than happy with the way this product helps them navigate their way to a win while inside the ring.


The weight of these boots varies slightly depending on the size that you order which is completely normal. We were surprised at how light this product was with all of the details that are included with them. You are looking at less than a pound. In the couple of years that went into researching and developing these boots, weight was one of the areas they focused on. Keeping your boxing shoe lightweight is imperative in keeping you and your legs moving quickly and effectively. When your footwear is too heavy it can really slow and drag you down. Consumers are exceptionally impressed with the lightness of these shoes. Part of the reason these boots are so light is that they are not very tall in height. If you are looking for a truly light pair of boxing boots this is a great option to suit your needs.


The materials used in the Venum Elite Boxing Shoes are superior in quality and ingenuity. They are put together in a way that will keep you well sported and last through tough training sessions over a long period of time. The upper is made of three different materials. It consists of mesh panels, synthetic leather, and synthetic material that is exceptionally flexible. With these three things what you get is a superior fit and excellent structure and support. As discussed earlier, the outsole of this product is made of a top-quality rubber. There is padding placed throughout this boot. they also, naturally, have a pair of shoelaces that come with them and they are made of standard materials. Overall the quality and craftsmanship of these boots are stellar.


You'll be getting an excellent fit when you decide that these are your next pair of boxing boots. You'll be able to easily take them on off because of their Lower Haight. The construction of materials enhances the overall fit. due to the fact that they flex nicely, they will fit wide feet as well as narrow feet easily. This is not something we commonly see and it's nice that so many people be able to use these boots. They are well structured to help keep your feet in natural positioning and alignment. pieces of this boot like the midsole are perfect examples of why the fit is so great. When you spend the type of time developing a product like Venum has with this one a great fit is to be expected. consumers are exceptionally satisfied with the fit they get once these boots are broken in. While they are quite comfortable from the word go they improve with time.


These boxing boots are more durable than most other options that are currently available to you. Not only are they double-stitched throughout which gives you great strength in your seams they are also made of durable materials. Not all synthetic leather is created equal nor is mesh paneling. the mesh paneling in this option is in a honeycomb pattern. This improves the overall feel and durability of the sections. The synthetic leather that is used is also very high quality. This makes it more durable than cheaper options. As previously noted, rubber is a very durable material. The way they have structured it on the bottom, sides, and back of these boots improves the overall durability and wear that you will get out of them. The tread pattern also plays a role in this. Overall, this is an exceptionally durable pair of boxing boots that will handle hard training on a frequent basis with ease.


Venom is known for producing some of the best quality gear options available to Fighters. They spend a lot of time and energy developing their products. When you can put that kind of dedication into a single product you know that it is going to come out and be some of the best quality around. It is simple to see once you have purchased these shoes how fantastic the quality actually is. From the materials to the way that they're structured there is nothing about them that is not top notch. When you are serious about training hard and becoming the best boxer that you can be the shoe can help you along your journey. You will get great durability and a reliable set of comfortable footwear for a variety of fight-related training.


These Boots are built for Comfort. While they will take a little bit of time to break in it won't take long. They are anatomically built to keep your feet in a comfortable position. Not only does it improve the comfort of your feet it also improves your performance in the ring. The materials used in this boot are also made with not only thoughts of function but also thoughts of comfort. These Boots are quite flexible and will truly move with you which, obviously, is going to help dramatically in terms of comfort. As with all boots, they lace up so you will have decent adjustability throughout it. The tightness of your boots does, of course, play a role in the comfort level that you have with them.


Boxing boots are not known for being exceptionally breathable. That is why we are so impressed with how extremely breathable this option is. The secret behind that is the pattern and material used in the mesh panels. It promotes airflow all the way around your feet which helps to keep them cool and dry. As you may know, keeping your feet dry is important in keeping them healthy. If you don't you can end up with a nasty case of athletes foot or a variety of other uncomfortable issues. There are a plethora of positive reviews over the breathability that this boot offers. It is not surprising that they got breathability correct but the amount of time and effort put into this boxing shoe.


Support is another area where these do not falter. Now, typically the taller the boot you're wearing the more ankle support you will get from it. This boat is not as tall as many others but it does provide excellent ankle support. The way the material is structured and sewn you will have a very good level of ankle stability and support while wearing these shoes. In addition, it also offers excellent arch support. More work went into the insole of this shoe than in any other area. They are very supportive of your feet which will keep you working harder and longer than you can possibly imagine without pain. When you are looking for a supportive boxing shoe this is a stellar option. Customers are more than pleased at how supportive these boxing shoes are and how it helps them continue to have the ability to train for long hours.


This shoe is an exceptional value, however, it is very expensive. Price plays a part in determining the value of a product but when you look at the overall aspect it is simple to see that this product is a phenomenal value. It may take you quite a bit of time and quite a bit of saving to be able to add these to your equipment and gear. For some people, they may be totally out of reach. If you can work them into your budget what you will have can be truly beneficial to your training and development in boxing. They offer versatile wear and better durability then pretty much every other option that is currently out there for you. They are so well thought out and offer an impressive design to keep you cool, comfortable, secure, and moving. Investing in these boxing boots will not be a mistake.

Bottom Line

While you will have to make quite an investment on these boxing shoes they are well worth it. They're Advanced design and structure is better than you are going to find from pretty much anyone else. The fit is amazing and will keep you comfortable even during grueling training sessions in the ring, with your coach, while working a heavy bag, or even jumping rope. As previously mentioned you will get better durability and longevity and using these boots then you will with most others. Consumers are very impressed with this item, as are we. There are other options out there that are truly great boxing boots but these are some of the best as is expected when coming from a brand like Venum.