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The Venum Elite Standup shin guards are going to give fighters a mid-level of protection during training sessions. They are well suited toward beginners and intermediate fighters. Those of you that have been at combat sports like, Muay Thai, BJJ, Karate, and other mixed martial arts for years may not get enough protection with these. You will get a decent level of impact absorption but it may not be enough for truly heavy blows. If you are an advanced fighter you may want to look toward a brand like Hayabusa for your protective gear. You will get a good amount of coverage with this option and these shin guards stay in place fairly well.

Venum offers a pretty wide variety of options in shin guards so, finding the perfect ones should not be a problem. These will work great for a lot of people. They are very comfortable and quite a bit more breathable than others in the same category. Oftentimes, putting protective gear on and taking it off can be a huge burden. That is not the case with this item. You will simply strap and unstrap large pieces of Velcro. While this item is a bit more affordable than others that are similar, it will still be a decent investment. It is important to note that these may not hold up as well as different options that are in the same price range. Overall, customers are pretty happy with this product from Venum.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extra Padding At Instep & Shin
  • Easy To Care For
  • Simple On & Off
  • Stylish Color Options
  • Affordable
  • Exceptionally Well-Rated
  • Comfortable Straps
  • Outer Material Durability Issues
  • May Shift While Wearing
  • Limited Protection


Since 1999, the Venum brand has been striving to become leaders in the world of combat sports related items. They have done an excellent job. You can find their products being used in gyms across the globe. If you are in need of trunks, gloves, wraps, protective gear, or other items related to fighting sports, they have what you need. There are a variety of options in each category. This means you will be able to find the right product to suit your needs and your budget. They put a lot of time into researching and developing products that house the latest and greatest technologies. There are also options that are standard to each of their respective categories. Many fighters put all their needs into the hands of this brand and they are not disappointed. If you ever get a product from Venum that you are unhappy with, their customer service is there to help you through it. Overall, this is a reputable brand with solid products for all levels of fighters.


The materials used in this item are decent, however, they are not the very best. The outer material is made from Skintex Leather. This is synthetic leather. It will hold up fairly well, however, consumers have noted that it may start to peel after a few months of use. Genuine leather is typically used and it holds up much better. Even a combination of genuine and synthetic leathers are going to hold up a bit better. They also use a decently thick layer of high-density foam padding. They have built it up a bit extra in the shin and instep area. this is to offer a better level of shock absorption and protection. There are two fairly thick straps on the back of these guards to help secure them in place. They are Velcro straps and consumers are happy with their sticking power. The only other material used is elastic straps. There is one located behind the ankle and one under the foot. This helps in keeping the item securely in place.


For the most part, people are pretty pleased with the fit of this item. It has been noted that the fit is not quite as secure as other options that are available to you. If you are looking for the most secure fit you should look towards shin guards that are structured with a sleeve in the back rather than velcro straps. Some users of this item have experienced some shifting while they are using them. This could be a major disadvantage as if your protective gear moves too much it could leave you open to injuries. Obviously, the whole reason we wear protective equipment is to avoid sustaining injuries that will take us away from our chosen activities. If you are careful about ordering the correct size you should be happy with the fit. It is free curved to wrap around your shins nicely. In addition, it gives a good amount of coverage. Overall, there are not many complaints surrounding the fit of this item.


The style of these guards is going to offer better breathability than other options. If you wear a shin guard that uses a sleeve to secure it and place it is going to be exceptionally hot and likely uncomfortable. The fact that this item only has two straps on the back will help improve the level of breathability. This is due to the fact that your entire calf will be basically exposed. This item is also lined with a sweat-wicking material that should help to keep you cooler and more comfortable throughout all of your arduous training activities. Maintaining a decent level of coolness is important in maintaining your ability to train. If you are going to spend long sessions in the gym or at home it is going to become hot and sweaty. So, the fact that this item does offer a bit of breathability is an advantage that not every set of shin guards is going to offer you.


You will not be getting as much protection with this item that you would from others. Whether you look at options from this brand or other top quality Brands you can find higher levels of protection. This item will suit those fighters that are just starting out. In addition, it will work well for those that only participate in mixed martial arts on occasion. If you are a truly advanced fighter or you are working with advanced fighters This option may not give you the protection that you need. It does offer a good amount of coverage and some extra padding in critical areas such as the InStep and the shin. However, the padding is not quite as thick nor does it absorb as much impact as other options that use materials like EVA foam. This is something you will definitely want to take into consideration before buying this product. If a high level of protection is what you need you really may want to look elsewhere. When you take a strike wearing these it is likely you are going to feel it and if it is a heavy hit there is at least a possibility it's going to cause damage.


People are pretty impressed with the level of comfort they're getting while using this item. This is even true when you are wearing them for extended training sessions. The straps used at the back are thicker than most others. This really does help to improve comfort. You won't have to worry about them digging into your skin. In addition, the elastic straps that are used to secure the bottom of this item are quite comfortable. The strapping under your foot is a common area where people find discomfort as it irritates the skin. You won't have to worry about that with this item. They are also anatomically correct so they will curve and fit your shins quite naturally. The structure and design of this item are made to help keep you comfortable. Overall, the fit and feel of this item are fairly well regarded. You should be able to wear them for a plethora of time exceptionally comfortably.


It was odd to us to see that customers found this item to be heavy. There were not a ton of reports about it but it was mentioned more than once. After looking into the actual weight of this product it is even less understandable why people would say this. This product comes in weighing just over a pound for the pair. This is actually lighter than many other options that are out there. Typically, a pair of well-made shin guards weighs about 1 and 1/2 pounds. So, as you can see these are lighter. It was not surprising to us that these are exceptionally lightweight due to the fact that the materials they are made of are lighter than others. Naturally, you want to keep your equipment as light as possible. This will ensure that your muscles don't wear down quickly and that your recovery times are speedy. Overall, you should be more than happy with the weight of this item. They truly are light and shouldn't inhibit you in any way.


Wearing Shin protection comes with some standard advantages. You won't have to worry about sustaining major injuries as long as you invest in a decent pair. While this item does not offer the highest level of protection it will work well for a variety of mixed martial arts participants. It offers good coverage and a relatively secure fit. In addition, you'll have a bit of a just ability with this item that you would not get with others. This is due to the larger velcro straps that are used to secure this item. This item also breathes a bit better than others in the same category. Another advantage in choosing this product over others is how easy they are to put on and take off. They will break in and offer a great fit over time. Overall, these are only a few of the advantages in using this item and we are sure that once you give them a try you'll find many others.


Typically, products associated with this brand come with very few disadvantages. In fact, more often than not they're more like inconveniences then disadvantages. However, this item actually has a few disadvantages you're going to want to consider seriously before choosing it. You only get a limited amount of protection while wearing this item. If you are just starting out this may be fine, however, it is likely not going to be a high enough level of protection for truly skilled fighters. Another downfall in choosing this item is the durability of the outer material. Synthetic leather does not hold up as well as genuine leather and that can be seen after a few months of frequent use. You made deal with peeling material that will end up needing to be replaced. The only other aspect that customers have mentioned that is negative is that this item may shift while you're wearing it. This is not being reported frequently, however, opening yourself up to injury is not something any of us should be doing. If you find that this item is not providing you with a secure fit you will want to look toward a different pair of shin guards that will.


We would have to say that this product is an average value. It will give you a mid-level of protection and the price point is understandable. It will be a bit of an investment, however, these are more affordable than many other options out there. They will provide you with a comfortable fit that's will be secure for most users. They are very stylish and come in a wide variety of colors to suit your preferred look. Putting them on and taking them off won't be a major burden like others that are styled with a sleeve. In addition, they'll give you a better level of breathability and Inter a better level of comfort. The customers using these shin guards have great things to say about them. Obviously, you're going to want to consider the disadvantages associated with them before deciding if they are the perfect fit for your training style.

Bottom Line

Putting your trust, protection, and money into this brand is, typically, a safe bet. For many people, this is a solid option in shin guards. Participating in light sparring, bag work, or just starting out what all be good places to choose this item. They will fit into your budget a bit easier than others. Keep in mind, the price does vary depending on where you purchase them so you may want to do a bit of shopping around before you decide where to buy. The people that are using this item throughout their training are pretty happy with the level of durability that it offers. Some do experience durability issues with the outside material, however, this is not happening to everyone. Overall, this is a decent set of shin guards that will give you a mid-level of protection during all of your training sessions.