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The Venum Giant kick pads offer versatile use for fighters of every skill level. They are quite stiff in the beginning but will loosen up over the course of time. If you are training with a fighter that does not have much time in conditioning their shins, they will likely want to wear shin guards while training with these pads. The thick foam padding is high-density. This is what makes it so tough, especially in the beginning. Even with continued use, the foam is going to hold up so that you and your fighter are well-protected. Obviously, when you are taking heavy-hits from advanced fighters, you need a product that will stand up to the challenge. In addition, it needs to do a great job of absorbing impact. This item will handle both of those things flawlessly.

The structure of this item is solid. Some people are not thrilled with the fact that these pads are not anatomically designed. This simply means they are not curved to go with the shape of your body. This can make them a bit cumbersome, however, people really aren't complaining about this. It is true you may find a better fit with a different option but this one is truly a solid choice. Finding equipment and gear that can hold tough through the grueling job of fight training can be difficult. Putting your trust and money into the Venum brand will not be a disappointment. People are really happy with the protection, comfort, and feel of this item.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Good Grip Handle
  • Excellent Padding
  • Appropriate For All Skill Levels
  • Easy To Manuvere
  • Trusted Brand
  • Sold In Pairs
  • Very Stiff
  • No Curvature


The Venum brand has been around for just under fifteen years. This is not nearly as long as some of the most well-known names in fight sports, however, they have truly made a name for themselves. They have worked diligently to bring new and exciting options to the world of boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts. Combat sports training and competitions require a variety of different pieces of gear and equipment. When you are searching for trunks, hand wraps, bags, gloves, protective gear, or training equipment, this brand is sure to have several options for you. You will be able to easily find the aspects you have been looking for and likely it will be at a price that pleases. Regardless of if you are a coach, fighter, fitness enthusiast, or simply an every day active person you can trust that this brand will offer you good quality items that you can rely on time and time again.


This brand does a good job of choosing materials that are not only functional and affordable but also very durable. The outer material of this set of kick pads is made from synthetic leather. Not all synthetic letters are created equal and the variety used here is at the top of its class. There are two fairly long and thick hook and loop style velcro closures. These will be used to secure this pad to your forearm. They offer a good deal of adjustability. There is also a grip bar at the top of it. It is riveted on with metal rivets. They also use a thick layer of high-density foam padding. This is the typical interior of a set of pads like this. The backstitching is done with a heavy duty lace. This is going to improve the overall durability of this item. All of the materials used in the construction of the set of pads are top quality and built to last.


From the trainer's perspective, this item is going to keep you very well protected. It is quite stiff and can truly handle hard-hit. So, you won't have to worry about taking a ton of impact when working with your most advanced Fighters. This is going to keep you feeling better and allow you to work through more training sessions comfortably. From the fighters perspective, this is a fairly hard-hitting service. This is especially true in the beginning. What this means is that you will probably want to wear some sort of shin protection while training with this tool. If you have very conditioned Shins it may be okay, however, you will want to be careful. It is been commonly noted that this is an exceptionally stiff product and avoiding injury is imperative. So, adding a set of shin guards to your routine can ensure that you stay well protected.


Keeping these pads in great condition is barely an inconvenience. Due to the fact that they are made of synthetic leather, you will be able to use pretty much anything you want to clean them up. He won't need special leather cleaners or conditioners. Whether you prefer to use soap and water or a disinfecting spray this product will handle it well. You will also want to pay attention to the velcro areas. This is especially true when you have several people using the same piece of training equipment as adjustments will be being made. Velcro is known for Gathering fabric, strings, and other debris. This can seriously reduce the sticking power. Worst case scenario is your velcro won't come undone while in use and you could leave yourself open to an injury. Overall, consumers are very pleased with how easy it is to maintain this item from Venum.


Using these pads won't be quite as comfortable as other options that are available to you. They do offer a good grip and nice padding. The fit of this item is also going to be quite secure which improves the level of comfort. Obviously the less they move around on your arms the less the straps are going to rub. This is going to help you to avoid possible skin irritation. The reason we say there are more comfortable options is that this product is built flat. Many other options offer an anatomical fit that will provide you a much better level of comfort. Overall, the trainers, Fighters, and sparring partners that are using these pads are happy with the overall fit and feel that they provide. So, while they may not be as comfortable as others they are also not uncomfortable. You will be satisfied with the level of comfort you experience while using these.


These are fairly large pads. They are going to offer ample striking surface. This makes them quite versatile. You will be able to use them with all kicking drills and even punching routines if you so choose. They are fifteen inches long and seven inches wide. This is a very good sized kick pad. You will be looking at about four inches of padding. This is actually not as much as other options that are currently out there and available to you. However, the foam padding that they use is excellent quality. it is going to absorb and disperse shock better than other brands that simply use a thicker layer. The size of this item is perfect for every level of fighter. Overall, people are very happy with this option from Venom and feel that it offers a great striking surface that can help to improve speed and accuracy.


The weight of your gear and equipment is very important. The more you are wearing to keep yourself protected the more you're going to be weighed down. This can lead to muscle fatigue coming on quicker than usual. These pads come in weighing at 4 pounds. This is more than other options that are out there. If you've been training for a long time likely 4 pounds is not going to be a big deal. However, if you've been working with lighter pads you may notice the difference. In addition to quick and muscle fatigue, you may notice that your recovery times between sessions become longer. This item is built to last and also to keep you very well protected. This is where you're finding the extra weight. While this is not the latest option out there it is light enough that most people will be hateful to handle it with ease. There are no complaints from consumers stating that they feel this item is overly heavy.


One of the biggest advantages of this product is its large size. There will be plenty of striking surface for all of the training exercises and drills you put your fighter through. This is going to accommodate every level of fighter. Whether they are just starting out and not very accurate or if they are Advanced and have honed in strikes this product will work well. It can handle exceptionally heavy hits without anyone worrying about becoming injured. The design of this item is solid. On top of all of this, they offer a secure fit that won't slide around. This is going to help keep you comfortable, as well as, keep your skin in great condition. You are also going to love the secure grip bar. You won't have to worry about it tearing away from the pads themselves and there are no annoying scenes that are going to dig into your hands.


Pretty much every item that is available in today's market comes with its own set of disadvantages. This product really only has a few that need to be discussed. Some consumers have found that these are almost too stiff. This can require your fighter to be wearing shin and foot protection to guarantee they don't sustain any injuries. It has been noted that over the course of time they do you loosen up a bit. Another issue that could arise has to do with the weight of this item. It is a bit heavier than others and could detriment the trainer's performance. In turn, this can impact the fighters overall performance. The only other thing that you'll really want to take into consideration is the level of comfort that this product provides. For the most part, people are very happy with the level of comfort they experience however, there are better options out there. This item has no curvature to it and, therefore, isn't quite as comfortable as many other options and designs that are out there. Overall, these are pretty small disadvantages and most people can get past them very easily.


Venum has provided us with a solid option in kick pads when they designed this product. The cost that is associated with it is a bit cheaper than other options out there, however, this does not mean that it is inexpensive. Some budgets will be able to absorb the blow of its cost easily whereas others will need to spend a bit of time-saving up before calling them their own. You will get excellent durability with this set of pads which means the investment makes even more sense. You won't have to worry about replacing them anytime in the near future regardless of how much you are using them. Giving the true value of an item is a difficult thing to do. You need to weigh out all of the different aspects to come up with a final solution. We feel that it is pretty easy to see why so many people feel this item is a great value when you look over all of the different features. Naturally, there are some downfalls, however, they are not major.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, putting your hard-earned money, time, and Trust into this brand is almost never a mistake. They truly pay attention to the fine details and give Fighters the features that they need to succeed in their chosen combat sport. There's a reason this brand has made such a huge name for themselves in such a short amount of time. This can be easily seen in the quality and craftsmanship of this product. You were going to be able to use these pads for a variety of training purposes and for fighters of every level. It is nice to know that you'll have a reliable set of kick pads for years to come. The reviews on this product are exceptionally good. Everyone that is using them feels satisfied with the quality and performance they are getting out of this item. Overall, we do not feel that you will be disappointed when you make this purchase, in fact, we think you will be more than pleased.