Venum Impact Boxing Gloves Reviewed

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Venum Impact Boxing Gloves offer many of the features that you expect to come with your best boxing gloves plus a few more. They are made to offer your hands a great level of protection. In addition, they will also protect your fingers thumbs and wrists. You'll be getting a longer cuff than what you would commonly associate with a boxing glove. This helps keep you better protected. They also are a bit more breathable then what you may be expecting. This means that whether you are working a speed bag, heavy bag, or sparring with a partner your hands will stay cooler and more comfortable. These gloves are made of pretty durable materials which means you'll get a lot of use out of them.  Customers love the overall design and attention to detail that is seen with this glove. It has been mentioned often that they love the feel just as much as the look. While these things are nice, what is more, important is the awesome level of protection you get. These gloves will last with you through long training sessions and keep you feeling great so you can hit it hard tomorrow at home or in your local gym.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Thumb Protection
  • Longer Cuffs For Wrist Protection
  • Helps You Train Longer
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Quite Durable
  • Versatile Use
  • Exceptionally Comfortable Fit
  • Secure Closure
  • Pricey


Venum has been around for about twelve years. In this relatively short time, they have made a big name for themselves among fighters in a variety of disciplines. They offer true innovations that can be seen in the designs of the equipment, gear, and apparel they offer. Recently, they extended their lines to include items needed for fitness and cross fit training. They are ever growing and improving on their brand as well as their products. Listening to customer wants and needs they are impressing everyone using their items. People across the globe are putting their fitness and training needs in the hands of Venum products because they are exceptional quality. Regardless of your goals, they have options to help keep you well protected and on your way to achieving each and every one of them.


As with some of the top quality gloves available to you today, these gloves use triple density foam. This type of padding is exceptional at protecting your hands. Your thumb is also completely enclosed and patted. which also offers excellent protection. The foam is formed in a way that your hands were easily sit in the correct punching position. When you need superior protection for work on your heavy bag or grueling sparring sessions these gloves have what you need. You will absorb less impact from your strikes which will help keep your hands, wrists, and fingers feeling great. This will allow you to train longer and harder. In addition, you'll be able to train more frequently. What this will result in is reaching your goals more easily.


This glove will be secured on your wrist with a large piece of velcro. It will ensure that your gloves stay in place. These gloves have longer cuffs so the velcro piece is larger than most other brands. What this leads to is more security. You will never have to worry about this glove letting loose and leading you to unnecessary injuries. The strap is quite long and wraps around to support the rest. Then the overlaying Velcro Dick's together keeping your glove in place. Consumers are satisfied with the way this closure fits and feels. This is a common type of closure for boxing gloves and as long as you keep the velcro free of debris it is very secure.


These gloves offer a high level of protection everywhere you need it. Your fingers and Knuckles will be protected by the exceptional padding that these gloves have. In addition, the thumb is fully enclosed and attached to the mitt. This protects it in a couple of ways. The padding, obviously, absorbs impact. Also because it's attached you will not have to worry about accidentally twisting your thumb and causing injury to it. You will also have protection through the wrist of this glove. The strap is slightly padded and longer than most. This will protect your wrists test while you are training with your coach, sparring, working the heavy bag, or going through your routine at home.


Overall, people are exceptionally satisfied with a fit of these heavy bag gloves. They are nice and snug yet offer enough room for hand wraps if you choose to wear them. It is important to note that some customers feel that the longer cuffs are too long. they feel this way because it comes too far up the arm and for some, it irritates their skin. Most people, however, are exceptionally satisfied with the longer cufflinks. There are no major complaints about how this glove fits. In fact, many customers have mentioned that these are the gloves they're trainer suggest they order. Not all boxing gloves are created equal when it comes to fit. Venum has invested the time to ensure their gloves are top of the line and fit like a dream.


These boxing gloves are more comfortable than many others you may have worn in the past. They are made with exceptional materials that look as good as they feel. Customers have noted that while these are snug, in the beginning, they are still exceptionally comfortable. Over time, as they continue to break in they will become more and more comfortable as they fit your hand. These gloves are also more breathable which adds to the overall comfort levels. The way the closure system is built also offers a good level of comfort unless, of course, you are one of the few people that do not like the length of the cuff. Overall, these are very comfortable and will stay that way for quite some time.


The people wearing these gloves feel as if they are an exceptional value. Depending on what size and color you choose the price does vary. They are definitely not the cheapest boxing glove available. While they are more expensive than many other options available to you they are also stellar quality. So, every budget may not be able to afford them easily but if you can you'll be getting a solid boxing glove. It is important that when we are determining the true value of a product we take into consideration all of the aspects and not just the price. These gloves are comfortable and fit extremely well. They offer high levels of protection. When you take these things as well as the other positives and negatives into consideration we agree that these gloves are an exceptional value.


The outer shell of this glove is made of synthetic leather. Not all synthetic leather is created equal. Venum uses truly high-quality synthetic leather that feels and looks great. This is not the case with many others that use this type of material. As previously mentioned, they contain several layers of foam to help keep your hands protected. They also use a mesh panel through the palm. The strap is covered in the same synthetic leather as the outer shell. It again has a large piece of velcro at the closure to help secure it and keep it in place. These are all common materials used in this type of boxing glove. They are, however, better quality than others using the same types of items.


We, as well as customers, are impressed with the breathability of this boxing glove. Boxing gloves are not known for being very breathable, in fact, quite the opposite. More often than not boxing gloves offer simple perforation in the palm and this does not allow them to breathe very well. This glove, on the other hand, uses a mesh panel in the Palm. This mesh panel promotes excellent airflow and makes this glove much more breathable than many others. This really works to the fighters Advantage. When your hands stay cool and dry you will be able to work harder and longer without causing detriment to your skin. Obviously, this will allow you to enhance your technique more quickly and reach your goals more easily.


You'll be able to use these gloves for a variety of purposes. They really are versatile and consumers are impressed with how many different things they can use them for. Due to the fact they are easy to take on and off without a partner, they are perfect for those of you that train at home. Whether working your heavy bag or following along with a video These gloves will suit you well. if you train in a gym they will also help you out there and several ways. They are excellent to use while working with your sparring partner as they will keep you both well protected. While you are working with your trainer they will also suit you well. You can use them while working on a speed bag or a heavy bag. The only thing these gloves aren't great for is practicing grappling. This is due to the fact that you will experience the restricted movement of your fingers.


These gloves come in all of the standard weights you would expect. They are available in 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz weights. Figuring out which you need is not as difficult as some expect. It is based on how much you weigh. It is important to understand that each brand may use a slightly different scale. So, you will want to look over the size charts before deciding which glove you wish to purchase. If you find your having a difficult time speaking with your trainer may be advantageous. Typically, they can give you some great advice on what weight you need. For the most part, 8 oz gloves are for exceptionally small people or even youth fighters. On the opposite end of the spectrum for those of you that are heavyweights, you'll want to be looking towards the 16oz gloves.


The quality of these gloves is outstanding. The attention to detail is noticeable. Consumers are exceptionally pleased with the overall feel and protection that this glove offers. Many people have stated that they are seriously impressed with the quality they get when they receive these gloves. It is important to note they may not be quite as durable as a genuine leather option but they are exponentially more durable than many other gloves available on the market today the construction of this glove is solid and you won't have to worry much about the side seams blowing out as you continue to use these. Over time you will break the foam padding in but it will take a very long time until they are no longer offering enough protection and need to be replaced. We would have to agree with customers that these gloves are high-quality and well worth the investment.


Due to the fact that these gloves are made of synthetic leather rather than genuine leather, you will not have to do much in terms of care. Unlike genuine leather that requires special cleaners and conditioners, you will be able to simply wipe these gloves down. Whether you like to use a damp cloth or a gentle cleanser you'll be able to keep these gloves looking great with ease. The mesh panel in the palm helps them dry more quickly which in turn helps reduce odors. If you notice that your gloves are smelling less than fresh you can purchase some glove deodorizer which can help a lot. In addition, it is important that you let your gloves dry completely between uses and this helps cut down on odors and bacterial growth.

Bottom Line

These gloves are a great option for a variety of people. They are made with high-quality materials and manufactured with Precision detail. They offer great levels of protection whether you're working a heavy bag or participating in boxing classes. You will have a glove with good durability which will allow you to use them for quite some time while maintaining top levels of protection. They look great and they feel even better. You will have to pay a bit more money to own these gloves than some others that are available to you, however, what you getting quality with these gloves makes that understandable. Overall, we feel these gloves are a solid choice for pretty much anyone that participates in hard-hitting impact sports.