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The Venum Kontact shin guards are an exceptionally affordable option. They will suit beginners quite well. In addition, you will have no issues using them during your grappling sessions or during your time working with the heavy bag. With that being said, the protection that this item offers is limited. If you are an advanced fighter or you are working with higher level mixed martial artists, it is likely you will not find the protection you need. When you need something more protective there are many other options available. Not only from this brand but also from brands like Hayabusa and TITLE Boxing.

You will get a large choice of color options so that this item will fit your style. It is also very easy to maintain these shin guards. The fighters wearing them are very happy with the secure fit of this product. Some say they have noticed a bit of shifting but not enough to matter. It is important to note that some consumers find these to be a bit big, which would explain the shifting. They are only available in one size so, if your calves are very small or you are very short you may not find the best fit. Overall, the reviews surrounding this item are very positive. Fighters are happy with the look, feel, and fit of this option by Venum.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Good For Bag Work
  • Great For Grappling
  • Stay In Place Nicely
  • Quite Durable
  • Nice Fit
  • Excellent For Light Sparring
  • Won't Inhibit Movement
  • Limited Impact Absorption
  • Not Anatomically Shaped
  • Only One Size Option


Venum has been working towards becoming a leader in the world of combat sports for the last thirteen years. They continuously put out new products that are a step above many of the others. Not only do they come out with new items they also work on the old reliables to ensure they are the very best that they can be. There is a wide variety of items to choose from. Whether you need trunks, shin guards, other protective equipment, gloves, bags, and other fight sports gear and equipment they will have an option for you. They offer several different varieties in each category so that you can easily find a product to suit your budget, as well as, your needs. Fighters are impressed with this brand and the fact that they stand behind all of their products. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase getting in contact with their customer service is barely an inconvenience. They will do their best to help you sort out any issues you may face.


There are not very many materials used in the construction and design of this product. The outer material is made from 100% cotton. This will offer a bit of stretch and durable wear. It is important to note that these are not going to do as good of a job at removing moisture from your skin as other items. Cotton is known for simply soaking it up. Cotton is, however, exceptionally easy to take care of. In addition, you will actually be able to put these shin pads in the washer between uses. You'll want to use cold water so you don't detriment the foam inside. The foam they use is high-density foam. It is about 3/4 of an inch thick and offers a lower level of protection. They have also included a velcro strap at the top of the leg opening. This is going to help you to find a great fit wow using this item. Overall, the materials used are very simple but effective.


There are mixed reviews about the fit of this item. This is likely due to the fact that it is only available in one size. Consumers have mentioned the fact that if your calves are thick these are going to fit very nicely. If you have skinny calves or you are exceptionally short you may not like the fit this item at all. Spiders that are on the shorter side of things have noted that these guards come up too high and cover too much of their foot. So, these are not going to fit everybody perfectly. The people that they do fit well are happy with the security they offer. If you find that they are not the best fit you are likely going to end up with your protective gear moving around. If they shift too much you could be leaving yourself open to injury. The strap at the top of the cap does help them to secure the fit but may not be the best for everyone. Overall, it simply depends on how your body is shaped on whether or not you are going to get a stellar fit or not.


You are not going to get a high level of breathability while wearing this item. It is going to breathe lightly better than others that are styled like this. Typically, the sleeve that you slide your leg down into is made of nylon or neoprene. These items do not allow as much airflow as cotton well. However, they do a better job at wicking moisture away from your skin. This plays a major role in your coolness and comfort level. Cotton is a very lightweight material that has wide weaving which will allow for a better amount of airflow and breathability. Some people prefer cotton over the other common materials used because it does offer a bit better breathability even though it does not do as great of a job at keeping moisture away from your skin. If you are looking for a truly breathable pair you may want to look towards the style that has two simple buckles in the back and leaves your calf open to the air.


It has been stated many times by the fighters using this item that it offers a low level of protection. If you are just starting out in the world of Combat Sports it should be fine and give you plenty of protection to keep your legs, feet, and ankles feeling good after a training session. In addition, this item is going to work well during your heavy bag workouts. You will also be able to use it during light sparring sessions. Keep in mind, this is not going to give you a high level of protection. This means you will not want to use it if you are participating in heavy sparring sessions or working with Advanced mixed martial artists. When your fighter can delve out devastating blows the impact will absolutely be felt by both of you. Your protective equipment not only keeps you safe but it also keeps the person you are working with safe. If you are working at a higher level you will definitely want to look for an item that offers much better protection.


Most people find these to be very comfortable. The cotton that they use is soft and feels good against the skin. It is not exceptionally tight and therefore many people find it to be more comfortable. The fact that it is not exceptionally snug is positive and negative. If it is too loose, you are opening yourself up to an injury. On the other hand, if you are wearing protective gear that is too tight it could cut off your circulation and cause a plethora of other problems. One area that is commonly complained about on shin guards is the material under your foot. Oftentimes, brands use elastic straps that dig in and become very uncomfortable. The cotton that is used in the outer cotton material wraps all the way around your foot and it is quite comfortable. Overall, the reviews are positive and concerns about the level of comfort you will experience while using this item. When you're going to be wearing protective gear for a long time the level of comfort it provides is important.


This is one of the very lightest weight options that are available in this category. This product weighs significantly less than a pound. When you are wearing them it will feel like you are wearing nothing at all. All of the materials used in this product are lightweight and nature so it makes sense that overall it is exceptionally light. How heavy your protective equipment plays a major role in your performance. You may find that you are wearing several different pieces and when this happens it can weigh you down. You will notice it in the speed of your strikes and the fatigue you feel in your muscles. Fatigue can set in much quicker when you are wearing heavier equipment. So, the fact that this item is such a minimum weight means you won't have to worry about any of these things. In addition, your recovery times will be better and your body is going to be able to handle longer training sessions easier than ever before.


It would have to say that the biggest advantage of using this product is the exceptionally lightweight nature of it. Many other options are going to weigh down and make you feel tired faster than you should. You won't be facing that with this item. Another advantage of using this product is that you'll be able to throw it into your washing machine. It is quite uncommon that you can put your protective gear through the washer and it not completely fall apart. It is important that you understand you cannot put this item in the dryer or it will ruin the foam padding. The materials used in this product are all high-quality in customers feel they're very comfortable. This is as long as you can find a secure fit. Another advantage of choosing this product is that you'll be able to find a color that suits your style. While this isn't the most important aspect it's nice that there's a brand out there that takes into consideration the fact that people like to have some color choices.


Whenever you are making a purchase it is important to look at all of the aspects and this absolutely includes disadvantages. This product is only going to give you a low level of protection. This will work well for some users but if you take mixed martial arts like karate and kickboxing seriously they will likely not provide you with a level of protection you are looking for. Another problem with this item as they are not pre-curved to offer a great fit from the beginning. You will have to spend quite a bit of time breaking these in and curving them. Some consumers have even put them around PVC piping to help add the curve that is needed for a better level of comfort. One other issue with this product is the fact that it only comes in one size. These will not fit as many people as other options that are currently available to you. The last thing we'd like to point out is that these can be pretty hard to take off. To be fair, I'll shin guards that are structured like this set are difficult to take off once you're sweaty as they want to plan to your legs.


The value of this product is hard to determine. This is due to the fact that for some people these shin guards will offer enough protection and a great fit while for others neither of these things will be true. The cost that is associated with them is exceptionally reasonable. Any budget will be able to work them in easily. In fact, no one should have to save up before calling these their own. You'll want to be careful and take into consideration the negative aspects and where you are in your training. These really are not going to be fantastic for those of you that have been at your chosen discipline for years. You're a beginner fighter or those who participate in light sparring sessions should do just fine with this item. They will last quite some time and they are very easy to take care of.

Bottom Line

Best pair of shin guards definitely has its place in the world of combat sports. While they are not going to be a great fit for everyone they will work for some fighters. The fact that they are so easy to maintain and can be thrown in the washer is an aspect that consumers truly appreciate it. It can be very difficult to keep your gear smelling and looking great. So, the fact that this item is so simple to maintain is pretty awesome. You will also get good longevity of use. There are some annoyances like the fact that this item is not pre-curved but that is something most people can look past. Weighing out the advantages vs the disadvantages can help you make a sound decision in it this product is work well for you or not.