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The Venum Skintex Speed Bag is a bit pricey, however, the fighters using it are pretty impressed. It will not only offer you great longevity of use, but it will also help you improve your performance overall. Venum is a leader in the world of combat sports. When you are looking for clothing, gloves, gear, and equipment they have you covered. This brand offers options for boxers, as well as, mixed martial artists. Training with a speed bag is beneficial in a variety of ways.

This speed bag, in particular, comes with some unique aspects not seen with others in the same category. For example, this item is made from premium synthetic Skintex Leather. It offers good durability, however, it may not be as good as genuine leather. The advantage of this type of material is the ease of maintaining it. Consumers have noted, one aspect they love, is the fact that they don't have to wear gloves or hand wraps to use this item. It is soft and the seams are not rigid. What this means is you won't have to worry about it tearing up your skin. In addition, it will give you hands a break from constricting gloves. Overall, the reviews on this item are solid. Consumers are happy with its performance and how it has helped them become better fighters.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Handmade
  • 2 Size Options Available
  • Excellent For Beginners
  • Balanced Movement
  • Extremely Easy Care
  • Great Durability
  • Good Rebound
  • Improves Reflexes
  • Pricey
  • Inflation Issues


For almost fifteen years, the Venum brand has been impressing boxers, mixed martial arts participants, and fitness enthusiasts. Their products are available across the globe and they have become a leader in the world of combat sports. With constant research towards new items you never know what to expect from this brand. They offer truly great products and typically, they are at a price that is more affordable than other options. Listening to the fighters using their equipment and gear they continue to grow. When you need protective equipment, gloves, hand wraps, clothing, or other equipment or gear you can trust that this brand will have exactly what you need. Not only that, you can expect your purchase to be of excellent quality. In addition, it will be durable to ensure you get great use out of it. Consumers are very pleased with the items this brand has to offer and when you put your trust into them, we believe you will be pleased as well.


This product actually uses some different materials than most others. It is most commonly seen that the outer material of a speed bag is made from genuine leather. That is not the case here. This brand has chosen to use high-quality synthetic leather that they refer to as, Skintex. While this type of leather is not as durable as genuine leather it's will still give you excellent longevity of use. At the top of the bag, there is a lacing system that can be opened up to replace the bladder or add air to it if necessary. There are also rivets that secure the top Loop to the bag itself. The loop is made of the same synthetic leather as the outer material of the bag. Inside you will have a high-quality rubber bladder. This is what gives this bag its excellent bounce and rebound ability. All of the materials used have been well thought out and offer good durability, looks, and feel. Overall, consumers are very happy with the materials Venum has chosen to use in this product.


There are two size varieties that are available to you if you choose to go with this speed bag. The first they consider to be medium. It is important to note that they do not give the length of this item however, the width comes in at 6 inches. For many brands, a 6 inch with is considered a small, not a medium. They also have what they call a large available which offers a 7-inch width. Here again, many Brands consider that to be a size smaller. Regardless of which size you decide to go with these bags move very well. They offer excellent speeds for beginning users. Those of you that are more advanced in your training may not find these bags to be fast enough to truly challenge you. Keep in mind there are a plethora of other options that are smaller and lighter to ensure you can continue to improve your skill with an exceptionally fast-moving speed bag. Overall, consumers are happy with the size options this bag offers. They feel it does help to improve the accuracy of their striking due to the small punching surface.

Hanging Style

The speed bag uses a traditional styled hanging system. Located at the top of the bag is a reinforced Loop that is riveted to the synthetic leather outer material. In addition, it is also stitched. The way they have constructed this area was very smart and offers exceptional durability. It is important to note that if you want to hang this the appropriate way it will require you to pick up a swivel and a speed bag platform. These can be bought in a variety of places. Some consumers choose to hang it in a different way, however, if you are looking for true speed bag training you will make the investment into the swivel and platform. Hanging this item is barely an inconvenience. It won't take much time at all before you are able to give it a go. Training with this item on a daily basis is easy and the loop is not only durable but very secure. You won't have to worry about it splitting or cracking making your bag unusable.


Training with a speed bag can help you in a variety of ways. The most obvious way is that it's going to help improve the speed at which you can strike. Fast hands can lead you to a win inside the ring or the cage. In addition, this item can help you improve your accuracy as well as your hand-eye coordination. When you improve these two things, your ability to deliver a precise and devastating blow skyrockets. When you work this item into your routine it can also help your body perform better. As you get your head movements under control it will help your body move appropriately. Some people are very surprised to find out that an item like this can also help you defensively. Because your head movements will improve as you avoid The swinging speed bag so will your ability to dodge blows from your opponent. On top of all of these areas, this bag can also help to improve your footwork. As you work your way around this bag you will find your feet moving better than before.


As with most other speed bags, the inside of this is made from a rubber bladder. There are options available that are lighter weight and made of latex. It is important to note that the latex option is not nearly as durable. It will be a constant headache as you need to continuously put air into them and they pop frequently. Now, this product has had a few consumers that had trouble with the bladder leaking air. This is a common problem in this type of equipment. Not everyone that is using this bag is having this issue. When you receive your item if it does appear to be losing air quickly will likely want contact company for a replacement. Overall, consumers are very pleased with the durability that splatter offers. Most are not needing to put air in it very frequently and there have been no reports of consumers dealing with it popping. It is a high-quality rubber bladder that should give you excellent longevity of use.


Taking care of the speed bag is going to be easier than basically every other option available to you. Genuine leather speed bags require special cleaners and conditioners and a bit more elbow grease. With this one, you'll be able to choose whatever type of cleaner you prefer. Whether that is soap and water, a deodorizer, or disinfectant spray the material will handle it just fine. You won't need to wipe this item down after every use but a couple of times a week would be advantageous. This item will continue to look, feel, and perform great with very little effort. Adding another piece of equipment to your home gym can be a burden as it takes more time to take care of it. This one will be barely an inconvenience and should not take you anytime to maintain. With the busy nature of lives today this aspect is very much appreciated among the people using it. The fact that you don't have to worry much about care is a major bonus.


One of the biggest advantages that come along with this item is the fact that it is exceptionally simple to take care of. You will not have to make a special investment into leather cleaners and conditioners. You will be able to use whatever deodorizer or disinfectant spray you have around your house. This product is also an advantage in your training. It can help your performance in a variety of areas. When you pair this piece of equipment with other training in your chosen fight sport, as well as, a good cardio routine and a healthy diet you are surely going to notice the difference. Your hands will be faster and your body will react better. If you need to work on your reflexes this product can truly help. All of the materials that are used are of high quality. This is going to provide you with a durable product that will last through the most grueling training sessions time and again. Overall, these are only a couple of advantages that are associated with this product.


I'm looking through all of the things that consumers had to say about this product there was only one thing that cropped up that we would consider a disadvantage. There are few reviews stating that customers had a serious issue keeping this product inflated. Not only were they needed to put air into it every day but also sometimes during their training routines. When you are in the middle of a training session, the last thing you want is to have to stop to re-inflate the bag. An uninflated bag will not bounce or rebound the way you would expect it to and can actually detriment your training. Overall, this is the only real complaint that we've seen from consumers. It is important to note that not every consumer is having this issue with this product. If you find at the beginning that you're a dollar is leaking air frequently you will want to reach out to the customer service department to have the issue addressed. Venum is excellent at making sure that the fighters using their gear are happy.


We feel as if this product is a very good value and consumers agree. The cost associated with it is a bit higher than other speed bag options that are out there. So, you will be making a bit more of an investment. Some budgets will have to take a bit of time to save up if they want to call this one their own. Some of the advantages associated with this product make it well worth the extra money. Some Fighters truly prefer to train with their speed bag without wearing gloves. This is not always possible due to the seams and patches that are commonly sewn to the outside. You won't have to worry about tearing up your hands if you decide to go with this option. It is smooth and soft without all of the large labels that can cause damage. Deciphering the true value of an item can be difficult, however, we think that you will see what a good option it is once you give this one a try.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in boxing, karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, or other mixed martial arts and training with a speed bag is advantageous. It can help improve your performance in a variety of ways. This includes not only your speed but also your accuracy, body movement, and footwork. In addition, it will help your offensive and defensive skills. You will have to make a bit more of an investment call this product your own, however, we do not believe you will be disappointed. It offers excellent longevity of use and the bladder is quite durable. This means you shouldn't have to replace it anytime soon. If you were going to be able to use an item for a couple of years it is easy to understand why the price is what it is. That is the case with this product.