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The Venum Sparring Sport Bag is great for athletes, fighters, and gym rats. It offers many compartments so, keeping your gym life organized is easy. In addition, the zippers are of better quality than what you will find with many others. This will help to ensure your items stay exactly where you put them.

Some consumers have noted that they are unable to fit all of their sparring gear into this bag. You will have a medium sized bag. Depending on how big you are and how much equipment you intend on carrying will decide if this is the right option for your routine or not. There are definitely options available to you that provide added space if you require it.

When carrying your gym life in a bag you want to make sure it's comfortable on your commute. You will have two different carrying options with this bag. Naturally, it has a shoulder strap and it's padded for your comfort. In addition, it has carrying handles, which may be more comfortable and convenient for some people.

Fighters love the style of this bag. It looks great and you are sure to get compliments on it from your gym-mates. While looks are not the most important factor, it's nice to see that you can find great quality, style, and functionality all in the same bag. It only comes in one color, however, everyone seems to truly love how it looks.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Several Separated Pockets
  • Excellent Color & Design
  • Good Zipper Quality
  • Attractive Style
  • 2 Ways To Carry
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Good Durability Levels
  • Glove Pocket
  • Limited Space
  • Plastic Buckles


In just under fifteen years, the Venum brand has truly made a name for itself in the world of combat sports. Knowing that fighter's needed quality options at affordable prices they started to do things differently. With many options in each category, they make it easy to find what you want, need, and can afford.

When you are into fight sports like boxing, wrestling, Taekwondo, or other mixed martial arts there are a plethora of pieces of gear and equipment you will need to become the best fighter you can be. Finding them all in one place can be difficult, however, this brand makes it easy. Consumers love that they offer so many options and how convenient it is to get all the pieces needed.

Their options span a wide variety of categories. You can find punching bags, gloves, clothing, footwear, hand wraps, protective gear, and so much more when you decide to look at what they offer. They continuously expand their lines and add new pieces of equipment to suit all of your training needs.


The materials used in a product can absolutely make or break it. Venum, typically, does an excellent job in choosing materials. They pay attention to the fine details to ensure you will get great longevity of use out of each one of their items. This one is going to fit the bill for many people.

The majority of this bag is made from polyester. Polyester is very durable and simple to maintain. You won't have to spend a lot of time caring for this bag if it needs cleaning, you can simply throw it in the washer or use a deodorizing product to keep it looking and smelling great. You won't need to worry about it breaking down.

There are only a few other materials used in this option. The straps are made from nylon and the shoulder strap has an adjustable padded section that is added for comfort. There are also zippers and plastic buckles used in the design of this particular gym bag.


The number of pockets your gear bags have can really help keep you organized and make finding what you need simple. This bag has a few options that will help make organization easy. Most people are happy with the number of pocket options that are available with this item.

Obviously, there is a main pocket that will house most of your things. In addition, there are two side pockets. They are separated from the main pocket with mesh paneling. One of the side pockets has an extra piece of polyester so that you can separate your gloves from your other pieces of equipment.

It does not appear as if this bag has any small pockets. This is a bit of a letdown as it is much easier to find items like your mouthguard or mouthguard case when you have a small pocket. Additionally, consumers love a small pocket to house their keys. This is a feature that hopefully Venum will add in the future.


This bag is titled as a sparring gear bag, however, it may not be big enough to house all of your protective equipment. It is not much larger than your average duffle bag. Some customers are a bit let down with the size of this bag and feel the name of it is slightly misleading.

The length of this bag comes in at just under twenty-seven inches. A standard duffle is usually right around twenty-four inches, for comparison. It has a width of right around thirteen inches. Here again, this is only a tiny bit more than the average. The height is quite normal at right around ten inches.

If you are smaller in stature, you may be able to fit all of your needs into this bag nicely. However, if you are larger in size, as noted, it can be a bit difficult to fit all of your gear inside of it. As you can see, this may work very nicely for some while for others it will simply not be big enough.


The more breathable your gym bag is the less foul odors you will be dealing with. Many bags don't offer any sort of breathability and this can lead to an unpleasant situation for you and your gym-mates. This is because they don't use any sort of mesh paneling which will promote airflow.

The Venum Sparring Sport Bag does have the mesh panels that you need to keep the airflow going. This will absolutely help to cut down on the smells that come with sweaty gym routines. Consumers are very happy that this item has decent airflow and they don't have to spend as much time trying to keep your bag and gear smelling okay.

The mesh panels are strategically located to give you good airflow. This should help your gear and equipment dry more quickly. Many find this to be a bonus as they don't have to worry about using sweaty items during their next training session.


The style of your gym bag will decide what kind of equipment you can carry in it. This item is styled like a duffle bag. It makes it a good option for carrying slightly larger pieces of gear. Certainly, fitting larger pieces of equipment in this bag is going to be easier than trying to do it with a backpack styled gym bag.

As noted, this bag is about average in size so, the name of it can be a bit deceiving. It is average to small in size for a duffle bag. If you participate in many different fight sports and have a ton of equipment a larger duffle style will probably suit you better.

There are really only two styles of gym bags. You can find decent options in backpacks and duffle bags. Duffles are suited towards those that carry more gear and equipment. Whereas, backpacks will work well for those just headed to the gym for a lifting session or a trip on the treadmill.


In general, this is one of the more durable options from Venum, in their line of bags. It's nice that you can find a fairly affordable option that is going to last you a good long time. Obviously, when you are making an investment in things you want to know that they are going to last. This one should last you quite nicely.

One major area of contention in items from this category is zippers. They tend to burst open, which can make your belonging spill all over the place. This option is not going to leave you with that worry. They have used a high-quality zipper that will last you a great amount of time regardless of how many things you stuff into your bag.

There is one area of this bag that some people are having trouble with in terms of durability. That is with the plastic buckles that hold the shoulder strap to the bag. If you are carrying a lot of gear you may end up with your buckles breaking. There are two sets of handles so, it won't make the bag unusable but it is an inconvenience.


People really love the separated glove compartment that this bag offers. It will give them their own place to dry out and it makes them very easy to get to. In addition, you won't have to worry about your other pieces of gear and equipment breaking your gloves down.

Another asset in choosing this bag is the fact that the zippers are very durable. As noted, this is a major problem in many other options in this category. So, when you have the peace of mind in knowing your items are truly secure it is obviously an advantage.

One other feature that is a bonus with this bag, as opposed to others is the fact that the shoulder strap is padded. You won't have to worry about a thin strap digging into your shoulder when you are lugging around all of the items you need for training. The shoulder strap is also adjustable to provide you with a more comfortable and less bulky fit.


Paying attention to the disadvantages of an item is just as important as paying attention to the advantages. Obviously, some come with some major disadvantages that can be total deal breakers. This item doesn't have many disadvantages and most people can get past them fairly easily.

One aspect that consumers aren't in love with is the fact that it doesn't offer as much room as they expect. It is listed as a sparring gear bag, yet it can't always fit all of the items you need to stay truly protected during an intense sparring session. This may be a deal breaker for some that carry a large number of different items.

Another issue that some people run into with this product has to do with the buckles. They are made of plastic and if you stuff a bunch of items into this bag it may weigh it down to the point of breaking the buckles. This doesn't make the bag unusable but may make the shoulder strap unuseable.


We believe that this bag is very good in terms of value. It offers better durability than many other options, which means you will be able to use it for an excellent amount of time without it breaking down. You will be getting a very good bang for your buck.

The price point of this bag is fairly average. It isn't overly expensive but it also isn't exceptionally cheap. It will fit into most budgets very easily and should not require you to save up before calling it your own.

There are a couple of disadvantages that are associated with this item, however, most people find that they still love this bag. There aren't too many things wrong with it and it will offer enough storage space to house most of your items. Overall, people are quite satisfied with the construction, design, and style of this item.

Bottom Line

It can be difficult to find a gear bag that suits your needs, budget, and style. This option fits into most routines quite nicely. It offers several different compartments that can help to keep you organized. In addition, you won't be waisting training time searching for certain pieces.

While this is not the cheapest option it will work for pretty much every budget. Add to this the fact that it is quite durable and it's easy to see why you are getting such a good bang for your buck. You will be able to use this bag for a plethora of time without worry of it breaking down.

On the whole, people are quite satisfied with this bag. It offers quite a few opportunities throughout your life to be used. Versatility is a very attractive aspect of this bag. Deciding to invest in this item is a solid choice.