Venum Thai Camp Sports Bag Review

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Venum's Thai Camp Sports Bag is suited for just about anything. You will be able to fit all of the gear and equipment you need for training into it with ease. In addition, it will transition nicely from your weight lifting routine to your next sparring practice. The ample room it offers houses gear of different shapes and sizes very well.

Finding a bag that is going to hold up to lugging your needs around can be tough. Venum made their Thai Camp sports bag from high quality, durable materials. It's a bit too lightweight for frequent use as luggage. However, it is excellent for day to day use when going to and from the gym.

When you train hard in combat sports you tend to get sweaty. Purchasing a well-ventilated bag can help cut down on foul odors. In addition, it can help your clothing, gear, and equipment dry faster between uses. This bag has large mesh panels built into it to help aid in keeping things as fresh as possible.

This bag impresses just about everyone. Naturally, it does have some downfalls, however, the reviews are quite positive. We believe it is a solid investment and will more than satisfy your needs. Overall, this is a solid choice in gear bags that will last a good long while.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Roomy Design
  • Quite Stylish
  • Good Durability
  • Machine Washable
  • Affordable Price
  • Extremely Versatile Use
  • Shoulder Strap Doesn't Adjust
  • Limited Pockets


Fighters, athletes, and every day active people have been trusting Venum for their gear and equipment needs for almost fifteen years. This brand came to be due to the fact that they saw people needing high-quality options and prices that won't break the bank. For the most part, they do exactly that.

If you are on the hunt for gloves, clothing, hand wraps, protective gear, training equipment, or other items that will help you become the best fighter you can be, they have what you need. There are many options in each category. This will allow you to find items that meet your want, needs, and price points.

With continued research and innovation this brand continues to put out cutting edge options to keep you safe and comfortable during training and competition. We look forward to seeing what Venum will come out with next. With their high-quality designs, materials, and construction we are sure that whatever it is will be a winner among fighters.


You'll be looking at some of the top quality materials and their perspective classes when you look at what this bag is made up of. This brand has done an excellent job of ensuring great durability due to the materials they have chosen. this is not terribly surprising is this brand works towards providing top quality options for their consumers.

The outer material is made up of a couple of different pieces. The middle and edges of the bag are made from synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is extremely durable and easy to take care of. You won't have to worry about it falling apart or tearing even with consistent use.

The rest of the outer material is made up of mesh panels to help improve breathability. Obviously, will be closed with a zipper and the zipper is of good quality. The only other materials that you're really going to run into is a nylon strap. It has been said that the strap is a bit narrow and it is not adjustable which could be something to be improved upon in the future.


You won't have a lot of options with pockets if you decide to go with this item. Basically, you have one large pocket to house all of your items. This can make it a bit difficult to find what you need as it is all just floating around in the bottom of the bag. Some people find this very frustrating.

They have included one small inside pocket. It is perfect to how's your keys, your mouth guard, or your mouthguard case. These are all small items that get lost very easily in your gym bag. So, the fact that there is at least one pocket to separate out your small things is an advantage.

There are many other options available to you that offer more pockets. This can make separating items out easier and help to improve organization. However, sometimes it can be a bit of a burden when you don't remember which pocket you put whatever it is you are searching for in.


When you decide to go with this option from Venum you'll be getting a fairly good-sized bag. Fitting your pads, gloves, clothing, towels, and other items in it will be barely an inconvenience. It really does offer a lot of space for all of the things you need to drag with you to the gym.

This option comes in at a length of just about 24 inches long. The width is just under fifteen inches. You will be looking at a height of right around 11 inches. As you can see, this is a good sized bag which is why so many people are switching to it.

Finding a perfect size bag can be quite difficult. If it's too large and can be cumbersome to carry. On the other hand, too small and you're going to have to carry multiple bags to the gym. This option is going to suit a variety of needs. Whether you're into boxing, kickboxing, or mixed martial art is should house all of your gear and equipment quite well.


Finding a breathable gym bag can actually be quite difficult. You would think that this would be a standard feature because of the sweaty nature of these types of training routines, however, that is simply not the case. If you are looking for a very well ventilated bag you may have found your perfect match with this one.

In the design, they have worked in large sections of mesh material. This is going to truly help to promote air flow. Great airflow equals great breathability. What you will find with added airflow is that your gear and equipment dry out faster and it all smells much better than with other bags you may have used in the past.

In the long run, using a bag that is quite breathable can save you time and money. You won't have to worry about extra maintenance routines or expensive deodorizing sprays and cleaners. If you do find that this bag is smelling less than its best it is machine washable which is another feature that consumers truly appreciate.


Consumers are pretty impressed with the style of this bag. It not only looks great it also is very functional. It is styled very similarly to a duffel bag. It does not offer the side pockets or extra closures that a duffel bag does, however, it is similar in size and shape.

Most duffle bags are fairly square or rectangular in shape. This one is round which is what makes it a bit different than other options you have probably seen in the past. Customers like how this looks and the functionality of it.

It does have one large strap that you will use to hang over your shoulder. It has been noted by consumers that the strap is a bit thin so it can be uncomfortable if you are carrying heavy equipment. In addition, the strap is not adjustable so finding the perfect fit can be a bit difficult.


Finding a durable gym bag is imperative and making sure you get excellent use out of it. Carrying around several pieces of different gear and equipment is a tough job and requires a tough bag. This option should be able to hold up very well regardless of how often you are using it. This is due to the high-quality materials that this brand has chosen and its design.

A common point of contention with gym bags is at the zippers. Oftentimes, they break easily and then you find your items filling out of your bag. This is not going to be a problem if you choose this option. We have found very few complaints about consumers having issues with zipper durability.

Another issue that people find with gym bags is that the mesh panels that they often include are not very high quality. This could lead to rips and tears. Obviously, these are both issues that you want to avoid. The mesh used in this option is better quality than most and is going to hold up to do the frequent use of active fighters.


The size of this bag is definitely one of its advantages. Due to the fact that is quite large, it is going to be able to hold a lot more than many other options. This is especially true if you're used to carrying a backpack styled gym bag. With all of this extra room, you'll be able to make sure you have every piece necessary for the most successful training session ever.

Another advantage in choosing this bag over many others is the great durability that it offers. You'll be able to take this bag to and from the gym every day and not worry about the zippers breaking or the mesh panels ripping open. This is going to help put your mind at ease when you decide to make the investment into a new gear bag.

In addition to all of these consumers truly love how breathable this item is. Honestly, it's one of the biggest Advantage is associated with it. It dries out very quickly and helps expedite the drying process for any items that are in the bag. Overall, these are only a few of the many advantages that consumers associate with this item from Venum.


Obviously, every product we purchase in today's world it does come with some disadvantages. In regards to this item, they are quite limited. In fact, most people are more than satisfied with the experience they're having while using this option. It's nice to know that there are at least some items out there that don't have major flaws.

One complained that consumers do have in regards to this item has to do with the strap. It is not adjustable and therefore it can be hard to find the fit that you want. In addition, it does not have a padded piece to provide you with an excellent level of comfort. So, if you're carrying the heavy gear you might find it uncomfortable while using this bag.

Other consumers have noted that they wish there were a couple of other pockets available inside of this bag. You basically have one large hole and one small pocket. This can make it difficult to find things quickly and lead to a jumbled-up mess inside of your bag. Overall, we believe this is more of an inconvenience than an actual disadvantage but it is definitely something you should take into consideration.


We feel as if this product is a very good value. It is going to give you excellent longevity of use and provide you with plenty of room for all of your gear and equipment needs. In addition, the design is excellent and it's well-constructed so you won't have to worry about it falling apart.

The price tag that is associated with it is average. Most budgets will be able to afford this item relatively easily. In fact, you shouldn't have to spend any time saving up money to call this bag your own. It is important to note that depending on where you buy it there could be a price variation.

Obviously, price plays an important role in the true value of an item but it is not the only facet to be taken into consideration. Looking at this bag on a whole it is easy to see why we feel like it is an excellent value. There are many more advantages to using it than there are disadvantages. We believe that if you make the investment into this product you'll be happy with it, overall.

Bottom Line

When you participate in sports like karate, boxing, and Taekwondo there are a variety of different pieces of equipment that you are going to acquire. As your skill level improves and you start to take training more seriously, you are going to find that you have added to your collection of items. Obviously, when you are on your way to the gym you're going to need a way to carry those items and typically, that is in a gym bag.

This option from Venum is a pretty good one. It's made of better materials than many other options that are currently available to you. In addition, it has a price that aims to please most people. Add these two together and what we have is a solid option to carry all of the pieces that you need.

It's important that you take the disadvantages into consideration before you decide if this is a good option for you or not. Most people are able to easily get past the downsides of this product as they're more inconveniences than anything else. Overall, we truly believe that deciding to go with this option is a solid choice that will leave you happy.