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The Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder is the perfect addition to your training sessions. You can take it before, during, and/or after your intense and high endurance workouts. There are a plethora of benefits that you can take advantage of when adding this supplement to your routines. First and foremost, you will get the energy you need to fuel your workout and keep you going. You will get the energy boost with the crash you will experience with some of the others. Additionally, if you opt to use it in combination with your post-workout shakes, it can help with muscle recovery.

The carb booster comes in a couple of different flavors that you can add to your water for a great taste. However, you can also opt for the plain powder, which is great for adding to your other supplements or protein shakes. Customers, for the most part, enjoy the taste of the supplement. However, they have stated that it doesn't dissolve as well as they'd like, which is a bit discouraging.

Yes, you will notice that the Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder has a bit of a high price tag, even when compared to the competitors. That said, you will get something that works well and can be stacked easily with your other supplements.

Overall, customers love this product, and it comes highly recommended by athletes.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Natural carb booster

Helps muscle recovery

Boosts energy

No crash




Great flavors

No added sugar


Poor consistency

High price tag


Everything started in 1993 with the hunt for a new and improved sports drink for high endurance athletes. They wanted to find something that was unlike any other on the market. Everything they found was loaded with simple sugars, which just wouldn't cut it, especially for those long-distance athletes.

The problem was that athletes had difficulty absorbing and digesting these sports drinks while they were pushing themselves during their workouts. Some people reported they had discomfort in their stomach and bloating, which affected their performance. One of the worst parts is that they would experience a crash after a while.

So what did they do about it? They developed a product that could help athletes everywhere. This is how the high molecular weight starch was introduced. These new and improved complex carbs were infinitely more effective than the carbs you would find in the popular sports drinks. They got their product patented in 1994, and the rest was history.

Vitargo, as we know it today, wasn't started until 2018 when partners Troy Beers and Bernadette Wooster secured the exclusive rights for Vitargo products as well as purchasing assets from a previous distributor.

When the brand started, they were known as VitargoS2 but later shortened it so it will roll off the tongue easier. They decided that the name should be the name of their main product, so there is no confusing what it is.

When the company was relaunched, it started with three different sizes and seven flavors. They improved on five of the existing flavors and created two new ones. Additionally, they are working on a couple of product extensions for a future release date.


The Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder comes in a couple of different flavors so you can pick the one that works best with your wants and needs. There is no need to consume something that you don't like, so they give you a variety to choose from.

You can pick from fruit punch, lemon-lime, grape, mango, watermelon, orange, or plain. If you don't prefer one of the flavored options, you can pick the plain one so you can add it to just about any drink without any added flavors.


Since there are different flavor options, they are all going to have different tastes. Customers always have their preferences, and, commonly, there is at least one that they don't like. However, for the most part, customers have stated that they enjoy the overall taste of the supplement.

If you are planning on adding the powder to your other shakes, then you might want to go with the plain flavor. It has no taste so that it won't affect the rest of your shake. However, if you're going to simply mix it with water and add a little flavor, then getting one of the other powders will give you the kick of flavor you enjoy.


There isn't a whole lot of components to the Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder. If you are consuming the plain flavor, you are only consuming Vitargo, which is fractionated barley amylopectin.

If you opt for one of the flavored options, you will find some other, inferior ingredients. They will include natural flavors, sucralose, citric acid, and natural colors. The natural color includes either beet red, grape juice concentrate, lime green, or beta-carotene.

Customers can appreciate the fact that this supplement contains no added sugar, and it is naturally vegan. Additionally, it is non-GMO, gluten-free, drug-free, and kosher.


If you need a little boost to get you started at the gym and you just don't have the energy to get going, then this might be just what you need. If you are looking for some fuel so you can get through your training with ease, then the Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder can help you fill the tank.

Many athletes will opt to take advantage of this supplement before their workouts. Within 10 minutes of taking the powder, it will leave your stomach and make its way throughout your body. This product will help deliver the fuel you need to your brain cells and muscles, helping you get up and go.

You will be able to fully fuel your training session without loading your stomach with unnecessary drinks or food. You can get the energy you need while still maintaining the empty feeling many athletes prefer during their training.

You can stack this product with other great supplements, as well. If you choose, it goes great with pre-workout supplements as well as electrolytes. This will help increase your blood flow and improve hydration


If you are one of the many people who prefer to refuel throughout your workout, as you need it, then you can use this Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder to give you what you need. The use of this powder can help deliver glucose to your muscle cells quickly, without causing a crash.

You can extend your training sessions without worrying about draining your energy. If you feel yourself slowing down, then add a little of this powder to your drink and refuel. If you are planning on working out for longer than an hour and a half, then you can stand to consume this about every 45-60 minutes.

By consuming the carb booster throughout your workout, you can stay ahead of the energy burn. If you are taking the supplement before you run out of energy, then you won't have to worry about slowing down and losing steam.

If you are using this supplement throughout your training, you can easily stack it with BCAAs for additional energy and endurance.


If you prefer downing a shake after your workout for aid in muscle recovery, then adding the Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder can provide you with a decent amount of benefits.

Vitargo can give you about, according to research, 70% faster and 77% greater muscle recovery within two hours after an intense workout. Many customers will pair this carb booster with their other protein shake to optimize their muscle recovery.

If you want to stack this product with other supplements, then you are in luck. If you are taking it post-workout, you can pair it with protein, carnitine, or creatine for more significant recovery as well as protein utilization (via insulin secretion).


There are some complaints about the overall consistency of the Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder. Customers have stated that it can be a bit hard to completely dissolve, which can leave the drink with a powdery texture. It can discourage some customers from drinking it because they don't like the surface in their mouths.

Some reviewers mentioned that if you mix it with warmer water, then it will dissolve a little better, but most people don't like drinking warm water if they can avoid it.

If you are mixing the carb booster with your other supplements in a shake, it is barely noticeable and more tolerable by athletes.

Overall, however, customers aren't too pleased with the consistency and would have liked to have seen something a bit finer than dissolved more natural.


Customers can appreciate that this product is loaded with complex carbs that can help fuel your workout without any added sugars. This powder naturally has no sugar so there is no need to worry about it being too sweet or causing a sugar crash.


Thanks to the complex carbs and great formula of the Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder, you can get all the energy you need to get you through your workout with ease. There are no added sugars or caffeine; all the energy you receive is natural, so it won't cause a crash later in the day.

Customers can appreciate that they can get the fuel they need to get them going and keep them energized at the gym. After a highly intense and long endurance workout, you might feel exhausted and a little sore. If you consume this product after your workout, you can get a little more energy to help you feel rejuvenated as well as assist with muscle recovery.


One thing that this product can offer that some of the competitors cannot is a boost of energy without a crash at the end. Since you are not loading your body with a lot of sugar or caffeine, you don't have to worry about coming down too hard, you are getting complex carbs that can help fuel your workout without the crash at the end of the day.


When you are ready to consume the Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder you want to make sure that you are using the correct amount for optimal results. It can be a bit confusing trying to figure out how much you should consume, but there is a chart located on the label to help you figure it out.

For young men and women (pre-high school), you can use one scoop of this product before and/or during your intense workout. However, after your training, you should eat a balanced meal instead of drinking another shake.

For those who are in the developmental age, women can take 1-2 scoops before a training session or one scoop during and/or after. Young men can take two scoops before, one scoop during, and/or 1-2 scoops after.

Finally, for those who are a bit older and more experienced women can use two scoops before a workout, one scoop during, and/or 1-2 scoops after. It is recommended for men to use two scoops before, during, and/or after your training.

Again, if you are unsure of how much you should consume, check out the label on the bottle.

Bottom Line

If you are in search of a great addition to your workout routine to give you energy and keep you going through your high-intensity training session, the Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder can do that for you and more. You can add it to your pre-, intra-, or post-workout regimen. Adding the powder to your protein shakes can help give you a boost to muscle recovery and fatigue, so you keep going and push yourself harder.

Customers can appreciate the variety of flavor options they can choose from when purchasing. If you don't like any of the available options, you can always go with the plain version. If you want to add it to your shakes, then the plain might be the way to go, so it doesn't distort the taste.

Unfortunately, reviewers stated it has poor consistency and doesn't dissolve easily in water. This isn't a huge deal breaker, but it can turn some people away from the product.

Overall, customers love this product, and all the benefits they can take advantage of.