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VPX Bang is an energy drink that can help you find the energy and stamina you need to make it through the most grueling, sweat-filled workouts. This product is not what you find on the shelf in your local convenience store that uses a ton of sugar to give you a small amount of energy that doesn't last. You will be getting a good dose of Branched Chain Amino Acids and Creatine, which are proven to help you in a variety of ways. This product will also give you the energy level you have been looking for and it will last throughout your entire circuit. Consumers have been using this product for quite some time and that is for the simple reason that it works. They offer a good variety of flavors and in terms of price, these are much more affordable than buying them each and every day you show up at the gym. We can all appreciate cost savings for this type of product. When you need to get some pep in your step and you want to add something that actually tastes good you really can't go wrong with VPX Bang.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Zero Calories
  • No Fat
  • Zero Sugar
  • Great Energy Boost
  • Contains Creatine
  • Provides BCAAs
  • Excellent Flavor Options
  • No Carbs
  • High Caffeine Content
  • Very Sweet


VPX Sports Nutrition is owned by Jack Owoc. This brand is led by more than two decades of experience and dedication to nutritional supplements. Jack has wanted to help people achieve their goals from the beginning. He wanted and still wants to lead the industry with products that truly work and will benefit your life. Seeing that customers were being taken advantage of with products full of fillers and useless ingredients he decided to invest his life into making sure peoples fitness journies were being aided not inhibited. With tons of research and dedication to the quality, he and his team have done just this. Consumers all over the world have come to trust their products and their dedication to this brand is unparalleled. When you decide to go with VPX products you know you are getting products that will work well and come from a brand that holds true to their commitment to excellence.


The resounding consensus is that this product tastes great. It seems that each flavor available is well-liked. There is Sucralose in the formula and that is known to make very sweet drinks with appalling aftertastes. VPX has found an exceptional balance and there are not many reports of either of these things that can ruin an energy drink. While they offer a great amount of flavor they are not overpowering. Energy drinks also have a tendency to be quite sour, depending on what flavors you like. This does not seem to be the case here. When you spend the time to seriously develop a product the result is one like this. A great tasting drink that people actually look forward to drinking, unlike our usual reaction to pre-workouts and other nutritional supplements.


If you want a product that offers you a huge amount of flavor options, this may be the one for you. You will have options that are both caffeinated and others that are not. Let's break it down so you can see what a vast array of choices you really have. The caffeinated varieties are Sour Heads, Black Cherry Vanilla, Cherry Blade Lemonade, Blue Razz, Cotton Candy, Citrus Twist, Lemon Drop, Georgia Peach Sweet Tea, Pina Colada, Power Punch, Peach Mango, Purple Guava Pear, Root Beer Blaze, Purple Haze, Rainbow Unicorn, and Star Blast. If you want one lacking caffeine you can purchase them in Cherry Blade Lemonade, Black Cherry Vanilla, Purple Guava Pear, Cotton Candy, or Sour Heads. They also offer some variety packs that you can mix and match flavors to suit your flavor pallet.


Using a supplement to boost your energy is a common thing in the world today. This one will certainly help you accomplish great levels of energy and in this facet is exceptionally effective. This is not the only area that this product is effective in though. It will also help quite well in reducing muscle soreness and recovery times. It contains Branched Chain Amino Acids that will keep you feeling less sore and ready to hit it hard more often. Additionally, you will notice a bit better pump while using it also. There are many advantages to using this product and it will impact your workout in a positive way upon your first use of it. Consumers agree you are buying a very effective product when you decide to go with VPX Bang for your daily energy drink.


This product contains a fairly large list of ingredients. You will be getting Vitamin B6, B12, C, Niacin, and Magnesium when you consume it but these are not the main components in the formula. The more important ingredients are Caffeine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, Valine, CoQ10, and Creatine. There are, of course, other ingredients that help with flavor, taste, and shelf life. They are minimal and you can review the exact contents in one of our above pictures. The main ingredients are an excellent blend that will give you energy, focus, and the drive to crush it each and every day you workout at home or in the local gym.


Naturally, we expect that when we buy an energy drink it is going to contain caffeine. This product comes in a caffeinated and non-caffeinated option so, it is up to you whether you ingest it or not. The version that contains caffeine carries about three hundred milligrams per serving. This is quite high and is sure to give an extreme boost to your energy levels. Some consumers feel this is the perfect amount, however, some find that it is too much and leads them feeling jittery. If you are sensitive to caffeine or you don't consume it on a daily basis you may not want to drink a full serving of this product or you may want to consider buying it in the non-caffeinated variety to ensure you don't experience negative effects from it.


There are absolutely zero reports of this product causing a crashing effect. We were a bit surprised to see this because it does contain a fairly high caffeine content and often that can lead to a crash. The fact that this product doesn't produce any sort of energy-sucking crash you can use it without worry. It is important to note that just because there are no reports of this product causing crashing effects does not guarantee you won't experience this symptom. Due to the fact that it does not contain massive amounts of sugar, like other energy drinks, could be the reason we see such a reduction in this debilitating side effect. Customers agree that the lack of crash is a major advantage and something they truly stand behind when discussing this product.


Upon looking over the ingredient list thoroughly we have found that this product does not contain filler ingredients. Each item used is there for a specific reason and none of them are to try and cheat you out of your hard earned money. Inferior brands add filler ingredients to bulk up their product or make it seem better than it really is. By doing this they can charge you more money. While this used to be something we saw all the time in new brands it is becoming less of a problem as the truth has a tendency of coming out quickly. This brand has been around for quite some time and you don't get the customer base that they have by using filler ingredients. Trusting this product is to know that you won't be getting these unwanted ingredients.


A serving of this is one entire can which is sixteen ounces. For some that may be a bit too much and you may want to consider drinking half of one to start with until you know how it will make you feel. When you buy this product you will be getting twelve cans or twelve servings. There is no variety or choice on this. This is quite a few and if you aren't using them on a daily basis they can last you for quite some time. Naturally, if you want to have one every day you will need to order more than a twelve pack. This can be frustrating for some customers but when you look at the cost it doesn't seem too bad. Plus, you can order a variety of flavors to keep what you are drinking interesting each day you decide to consume one.

Side Effects

There are not any reports of this product causing adverse side effect but that does not mean you won't personally experience some. There are some effects that are commonly associated with some of the ingredients used in this product. Caffeine, for example, is known for causing jittery feelings, headaches, increased anxiety, and possible crashing effects. If you are not very tolerant of caffeine these things may become a problem for you. Some of the other ingredients are known for causing increased urination, stomach upset, cramps, and nausea. These are usually very mild but they are common with energy drink supplements. If you find that you are having negative side effects you may want to reduce your serving size or discontinue use altogether.


Whether you participate in Boxing classes, long runs, or everyday workouts we are sure you have had times that your energy levels were minimal. Adding an energy drink to your routine on occasion can seriously help increase the pep in your step and make a below average work out turn into one for the record books. There is a huge variety of flavor options so you are sure to find one that you really love the flavor of. There aren't any major side effects and you can get it caffeinated or non-caffeinated depending on what you prefer. You will notice your drive, energy, stamina, and recovery times become better and therefore, you will see the difference in your performance as well as your lean muscle growth.


Some would say the caffeine content of this product is too high and therefore a disadvantage because of the negative effects associated with caffeine. We don't see it this way because you can purchase it in a non-caffeinated variety. We will say that with so many flavor options it can be a bit difficult to decide which to try first. There are no major side effects reported and their formula is clear of unwanted ingredients. Finding negatives in this energy drink is not something that is easy to do. While there is a slight aftertaste it is so minimal most people don't notice it at all. Consumers agree that you really can't go wrong and that this is not your average energy drink. It is a step above the rest and that is why so many have added it to their weekly routine.


In terms of price, this product is quite reasonable. This is especially true when you look at what you pay for an energy drink like this at the gym. Price is only part of the overall value, however. When you start to pick this product apart, looking at what its intended use is and how well it works, it is easy to see what a great value it is. You will be getting a drink you look forward to consuming and you will get a great amount of energy to help get through the most sluggish of days. There are also all the other advantages, including the BCAAs you will get that help with muscle maintenance, recovery, and growth. We feel that if given a try you will be able to easily see what a stellar value this product is.

Bottom Line

When you think about the energy drinks you have consumed in the past you may think they fall a little flat with what they claim to be able to do. VPX Bang won't leave you feeling this way. It really is a step above the rest in its category. With great flavor, you will also get a great effect that will help you work to your full potential during each of your gym sessions. When you are able to work hard every time you will see faster results and this will not only be noticed by you but also the people around you. Working out consistently can be draining, especially when you add all the stress of life. Adding a supplement like this one will help you achieve your long-term goals more easily and effectively.