Whistlekick Forearm & Elbow Protector Review

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The Whistlekick Forearm & Elbow protector are easier to put on and take off than many other options. Unlike the typical forearm protection that goes on your arm with a sleeve, this one has two velcro straps. You won't have to worry about them being too tight or too loose due to the seriously adjustable fit that these have to offer. It's nice to find an option in forearm protection that will fit anyone and everyone nicely. When you are participating in hard-hitting sports like Karate, Kickboxing, or Muay Thai you need gear that stays in place firmly. This will help to ensure that you don't have to worry about sustaining any injuries.

These pads by Whistlekick are very basic but they are also effective. You will get a decent amount of coverage. Your forearms, as well as, your elbows will get a decent level of protection with this item. The foam they use will absorb a mid-level of shock. They are not the most durable option available, however, they will give you decent longevity of use. The foam is quite soft and will conform to the shape of your particular arms. It's nice when your protective gear feels as if it was made just for you. Overall, this is a reliable option in protective equipment and people are quite satisfied with their purchases from this brand.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Nice Color Options
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Excellent Airflow
  • Decent Coverage
  • Exceptionally Lightweight
  • Easy To Care For
  • Curved Design = Better Fit
  • Durability Issues


Whistlekick is a brand that has been around for just about 10 years. They have truly made a name for themselves in protective equipment for all different types of fight-related Sports. They also offer a variety of other items that will help you along the path of maintaining a great level of activity. When you are working towards becoming your best self this brand is standing in your corner. When you are searching for different pieces of sparring gear, protective equipment, Footwear, or clothing this brand will have everything that you need. They offer several different options in each category to ensure that you can find the item that fits your needs, wants, and your budget. Consumers are really happy with the designs that this brand has come up with. They stand behind all of their items and offer a customer service department that is there to truly help you with any issues you may run into. Overall, people are very happy with this brand in the items they provide to their active lifestyles.


The materials used in this item are extremely simple. There are only a few of them. Keeping things simple is sometimes the best way to go about giving fighters exactly what they need. The majority of this item is made up of a high-density foam padding. It is a bit softer than others but it does a decent job of absorbing impact. It is dipped in protective material to keep the foam in good condition. They have also attached to long velcro straps that you will use to secure this item to your body. They go through a hook and loop style closure which makes adjusting them extremely simple. They offer a great level of adjustability due to the fact that the straps are quite long. The phone they use will also mold to your arms giving you a better fit and feel. Overall, customers are very happy with the Simplicity of the materials used and the way that they help during performances in training and competition.


Often times, when we invest in this type of equipment it is structured with a sleeve that slides over the forearm. This can make the fit very uncomfortable due to the fact that they are frequently too tight or too loose. This item you are not going to need to worry about this. The fit is quite adjustable. Especially, when you compare them to others in the same category. Whether you need to tighten them up or make them a bit looser in the middle of a sparring session you won't have to worry about it. Adjusting these, as noted, is very simple. The velcro that they use gives a secure fit and closure that you can depend on. People are very happy with the adjustability that they get out of this item and feel that they offer a better fit than many others. It is important to note that as you break this item and it's going to conform to the shape of your specific arm. Obviously, this is going to give you an improved fit that you can rely on time and time again.


You were going to get a much better level of breathability with this set of four armed guards than you would many others. Typically, we see a sleeve-like design that you pull on to your arm. This can be very hot even when it is made of breathable fabric or sweat-wicking material. Due to the fact that the majority of the underside of your arm is going to be exposed, you were going to have better airflow. Obviously, the piece of your arm that is covered with foam padding is not going to get much air to it. The fact that part of your arm will be totally exposed will keep you cooler and more comfortable. So, if breathability and coolness is something you're striving for this could be a better fit than sleeve style options. Overall, people are very happy with the higher level of breathability that they are getting while using this item.


You'll be getting a mid-level of protection while using this item. More than likely while working through your sparring sessions, with your trainer, or with a heavy bag you will not sustain any bumps or bruises that cause any serious damage. If you are training with advanced athletes you may not find that these give you enough protection. When you take a heavy blow you are seriously going to feel it if you're dealing with mixed martial artists with high levels of skill. You will have coverage for your forearm and your elbow while wearing this set of pads. Both of these areas will have the same level of protection. The foam absorbs a decent amount of impact, however, there are definitely options out there that are going to be able to take a harder strike more efficiently. As you can see, this item is going to work well for a variety of users. If you are more advanced and skill than you'll want to stay away from heavy sparring sessions to make sure that everyone stays an Optimal Health.


Most people, after giving these a bit of time, find them more comfortable than others they have tried in the past. This is due to the fact that after you break them in the foam will feel as if it were molded to your arms. On top of this, they are pre-curved to give a better starting fit. The phone is fairly soft so it feels nice against your skin. As noted, these are more breathable than many other options. This will also play a role in the level of comfort that you experience while you are wearing these through Long training sessions. The reviews are consistently good in terms of comfort. We believe that you will be more than satisfied with the fit, feel, and level of comfort that you have when you decide to invest in these forearm guards. Lastly, they are more adjustable than many others. You will be able to loosen or tighten them easily throughout all of your sessions to find the most comfortable fit possible.


Maintaining this item is not that difficult. You will not be able to simply throw this set of guards in the washer like you would most sleeve-styled forearm guard. Instead, you'll need to pick up a spray disinfectant or gym cleaner. You will simply want to give them a spray and wipe them down in between uses. This will help to keep them looking and smelling great. Overall, people don't mind this type of care routine as there are typically several pieces of equipment that require it after each gym session. It can add a bit of time to your cleaning routine, however, the material will hold up rather well over the course of time. It really won't take too long as these are not overly large. On occasion, you will also want to take a look at the velcro. Making sure that it is free of debris will ensure that you get the best sticking power possible.


One of the major benefits of using this item is the fact that the foam is going to conform to your specific size and shape over the course of time. It is nice that once you get an item broken in it feels as if it was truly made for you. The good level of adjustability also plays a role. They have long velcro straps that will allow you to easily loosen or tighten them. Obviously, this is going to be a big advantage as you will maintain a high level of comfort throughout all of your training exercises and the long hours you spend in the gym. These also offer a better level of breathability. You will be truly more comfortable when sparring in these than others. They are quite versatile and can safely be used in a variety of different situations. Keep in mind it will not be for 100% power sparring sessions with Heavy Hitters.


There is only really one major disadvantage that is associated with this item and it has to do with its durability. There have been mentions that with heavy use the phone will split. Obviously, this is going to be a major problem and it is going to impact the level of protection that you are getting will using this item. They are reinforced to try and help stop this in the highest impact areas, however, this design has the same fatal flaw and everyone that is designed this way. The outer material simply doesn't hold up. The velcro straps may also start to come loose if you are using this item frequently. Obviously, when you invest your money into protective gear you want to know that it is going to stand up to the challenge. You will get decent your side of these before you need to replace them, however, there are certainly options available to you that are going to give you better longevity of use.


This item is a pretty good value. If you are beginning or a youth fighter they're going to give you an excellent level of protection for a pretty affordable price. It's important to note that depending on where you buy these in the size that you order the price may vary slightly. However, there is not a drastic difference in pricing and they really are quite affordable. Most people find these to be exceptionally comfortable and they are going to fit just about anyone. This means a much wider variety of fighters will be able to use them. Consumers feel as if they are getting a pretty good bang for their buck when they decide to invest in this item and they start to use them. It's true that they don't offer the very best durability, however, they will last quite a while before they need to be replaced.

Bottom Line

When you are searching for a decent set of four armed guards and you don't want to spend a ton of money this is a salad option. They're going to give you a good level of protection throughout a variety of different training activities. It's true that if you are advanced in your mixed martial arts skill, you won't want to spar in these at full force. If you do you may end up bruising your opponent or hurting yourself. Otherwise, they're going to handle impact fairly well. They do have some durability issues which can be a bit of a letdown when you're making an investment into your protective gear, however, no gear is going to last forever. Overall customers are very satisfied with this item and how it performs. We truly believe that if you give them a try you will be happy with them.