Winning Training Boxing Gloves Review

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Winning Training Boxing Gloves Review Review Facts

Winning makes absolutely phenomenal gloves; they’re considered among the highest when compared to others such as Cleto Reyes and Grants. The design of their gloves is, to say the least, elegant due to the base colors that are displayed throughout and the simple use of the Winning logo on the backhand. The cushioning is also out of this world and lasts for much longer than that of other, cheap boxing gloves. They are considered to be at the helm of boxing gear production for a reason; their gear goes unrivaled by any of the contenders and is above average in almost every way possible. The cushioning prevents most of the feeling of the activity from actually being felt by the wearer and the snug fit provided does much of the same.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Pillow-like when on hand
  • Not a very long break in time
  • Wrist support
  • Durable
  • Expensive


The protection provided by these gloves is out of this world, literally. Winning designs their gloves with so much cushioning in the knuckle part that wearer’s barely feel any of the punches that take place while the glove is in use; this is much better than the standard, because most gloves when in use give the wearer a bit of the feel while the gloves are on hand. The lack of room in the inner portion of the glove also adds to the protection provided simply because of the fact that the wearer ha less room to move around which results in a bit more of a comfortable feel and less worry about injury coming to the hand while the gloves are in use.


The wrist support on these gloves is also phenomenal; the gloves wrap around the wearer’s hands rather tightly and reduces the movement of the wrist while in use. The protection provided is on par with gloves of the Hayabusa design without the extensive double strapping feature. That isn’t to say that the double lacing is a hassle, it just a adds a bit more time to the design than completely necessary.

What Can You Use These For?

Typically these are intended for sparring since that is what they are really designed for. However, these 16-ounce gloves are also more than good enough to get some continuous heavy bag workouts into your weekly routine. Even though isn't exactly the way it goes, these training gloves are generally okay to bring as a general use pair of gloves.


Alright... We know the need for style on the big night is different that in training, but it doesn't hurt to have good looking gear for any use. Winning's gloves are clearly function over fashion, which for most of us is just fine. The color options come is pretty basic choices, but they all look good. We think it's more important to focus on protection and performance. The brand, in general, carries all MS-500 colors. They will even do custom jobs for a bit more money.

Material, Construction, and Design

They don't go into it too deep, but we do know they use high quality leather to cover all of their leather gloves. The stitching, lacing, filling, and the tooling used to put it all together are clearly top notch. You can tell that just picking the gloves up and taking a close look.

When you hold up a glove from one brand and one from another, the overall shape and general designs don't differ very much in the whole scheme of things, leaving the quality of materials and manufacturing standards out of it. They're all shaped like a mitt with a controlled thumb. But, there are subtle differences that fighters can notice, which could draw to one product over others. For Winning, they do a good job with how they design the ant-thumbing stopper into theirs.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, if you are looking for a pair of training mitts that will probably last quiet a while, and we mean the leather, padding, stitching, the whole deal, these are a good bet. They are not cheap. But, if you're taking your training seriously, and your goal is a win in the ring, quality is worth paying for to get the best training gear you can afford.

If function takes a front seat to crazy style, and want adjustability, durability, and overall quality to come first, Training gloves from Winning is a safe bet.