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The Withings Body Cardio Wi-Fi scale is the perfect scale for an athlete or anyone looking to keep track of their body in every aspect they can. This scale is one step up from the Withings Body Composition smart scale and the Withings Body+ Composition smart scale. It's perfect for someone looking for a scale with the most offered features. The smart scale is packed with features like standing heart rate, body composition analysis, Wi-Fi synchronization, high-end design, and baby and pregnancy modes. It not only provides an accurate weight reading but it also provides readings for BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and heart rate. 

It comes accompanied with an app called Health Mate where you can view all the readings it takes and be able to make sense of them in handy charts and graphs. Within the Health Mate app, you also have personalized nutrition tracking options to help you reach your goals. Capable of storing 8 unique user profiles within the app so everyone in the family is able to keep track. The scale will also tell you the temperature and the weather of the day after it takes your readings. This scale is one step up from the Withings Body Composition smart scale and one step down from the Withings Body+ Composition smart scale. It's perfect for someone looking for a product right in the middle of the road.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Health Mate app

Multiple users

User recognition

Nutrition tracking

Body Composition readings


PWV unavailable


One of the advertised features of this scale is its high-end design. It looks very similar to other Withings scales but with a few differences. It has the same square shape with rounded corners and is available in both black and white color options. The digital display is the same as well as having a black background and everything showing up on the display in white. It has a tempered glass scale-top that has a BIA reader that runs along the middle of the scale and looks like a metal bar. Its purpose is so the scale can take all the readings it needs through a small electrical current that you won't even feel.
The biggest difference in the look of this scale compared to the other Withings smart scales is the stripes that run horizontally across it. Depending on what model you get will differ in the color of the stripes. The black on has slight grey stripes and the white one has an ever so slightly darker white almost cream-colored stripe. The underside of the scale is plastic which is pretty typical of smart scales these days and is what holds the most durability. The second biggest difference is this is the first Withings scale without attachable feet on the bottom, instead, it has 2 strips that act as a non-skid aid.


This scale is packed full of different features and ways you can use it. First, are foremost it will take an accurate weight reading on hard flooring or even on carpet. It also measures your standing heart rate, which is an indicator of cardiovascular health and full body composition on every weigh-in. The full body composition analysis includes body fat which can help you better understand your overall health. Muscle mass so you can help reach a target of getting stronger. Water percentage which lets you know how hydrated you are or how much you retain water. Bone mass lets you know the percentage of how much your bones weight compared to your total body weight. BMI is a number that is generated in relation to your height and weight, it will generate a number that corresponds to the BMI scale and will let you know if you are within a healthy weight for your height.
It has many features that keep the whole family in mind. It's got baby and pregnancy modes. The baby mode will help you easily weight your baby by automatically subtracting your weight off the scale, leaving you with just your baby's weight. It’s one of the easiest ways to make sure your baby is growing at a healthy rate. The pregnancy mode is quite similar but also gives you health-related step dependant on how far along you are that will let you know that a lot of mothers go through the same changes. It can hold up to 8 unique user profiles so everyone in the family can keep track of their health goals. The great thing about creating a user profile is that it enables you to step on the scale and it will automatically know which user you are, from there it also automatically syncs your new weight-in and body composition stats into the app.

Nutrition Tracking

All you need to do is input your daily meals in the Health Mate app or any of the compatible food tracking apps and it will track your caloric intake and gather data against your weight results. This can help you if you are feeling stagnant in weight loss or weight gain as it will provide an insight into what you can do to better achieve your goals. On the app it provides you with listings like calories eaten, burned, remaining and your basal metabolism, this helps you better understand your own body and see if you truly are eating as many calories as you think. It works like most weight tracking apps where you have to input your weight, height, age, goal weight, and how fast you want to lose weight. From there the app will do all the calculations and let you know how many allotted calories you will have to eat in a day.
One of the coolest features by far is the basal metabolism number. This number is an indicator of how many calories it takes to run your body at a state of rest. Which in turn is how many calories you need to eat a day to keep your body functioning. It can change depending on exercise, muscle mass, and weight.


This smart scale is made from the same materials as the other two Withings scales with only slight differences. The scale top is tempered glass which looks chic and stylish. Also along the scale top is the metal piece that runs through the center for the BIA function. The underside is a durable plastic along with the two strips for non-skid on the bottom.

App Features

The app features are one of the most impressive parts about the Withings Body Cardio smart scale and where you truly get a customizable and in-depth experience. You have a choice of over 100 partner apps to choose from and those range from categories such as food, exercise, and so much more. The Health Mate app is what Withings has made specifically to pair with their scales. It's a fitness, activity, and health tracker that you can use to keep track of activities such as sleep, weight and more. It has handy graphs and charts that will show you your progress over time to help you achieve your own fitness and health goals.
In terms of activity tracking, it will track everyday steps or walking and jogging if you have a step tracker turned on. Most modern-day smartphones will have one built into the operating system or you can easily download a compatible app. You can also set activity and exercise-related goals to reach each week and you will be rewarded if you do. The rewards system coincides with the leaderboard they have set up so you can challenge your friends and family or simply just show off your progress via the rankings.
For weight management, they offer you standard trends, charts, and graphs so you can easily see how you are progressing. However, if you want to step it up a notch they offer a coaching program called Better Body where you will learn all about your body composition and discover new ways you can lose fat. Within weight management also falls the baby mode where you can track your child's growth easily by just stepping on the scale holding them. The Withings technology will automatically subtract your body weight from the reading and you are left with only your child's weight. The pregnancy mode is quite a similar mode to the baby mode but is instead for expecting mothers to keep track of their weight gain during their journey. They also offer doctor reviewed content depending on how far along you are so you know what to expect with your changing body.
They also include sleep management features like tracking your sleep cycles to see if how long you were in light or heavy sleep through the night. If you commonly wake up feeling unrested this could be a very helpful feature for you. More hours in deep sleep is really where your body rests so if it shows you are getting more light sleep than deep sleep they will also suggest ways for you to create better-sleeping habits and thus a better quality of sleep. It also has a built-in smart alarm clock that because it tracks your sleep, will wake you up in the most optimal sleep stage to combat feeling too groggy in the morning. It also scientifically proven that better quality sleep helps with achieving weight loss goals so including this sleep function in the app is a smart move by Withings.
Last but not least there is also a meditation category within the Health Mate app. This really brings back the belief that wellness and fitness is not just about numbers on a scale or how much you exercise a day. But that a healthy mind is also just as necessary and having a healthy body. They have integrated a popular meditation app called Petit BamBou into Health Mates features. It’s great for beginners and will help introduce you to techniques to slow your mind down and relax.


Customers have not been reporting any issues with the accuracy of the Withings Body Cardio smart scale. This is shocking because it's the first smart scale in the Withings brand to not include detachable feet for using on carpet. But because of the great design, they seem to have combated any design issues that would cause inaccuracies.


Even though the scale top is made of glass it is quite durable. Keep in mind the glass is also tempered in case you drop it from high up or something heavy drops onto it. It is durable but it is not completely shatterproof. Being tempered glass, however, does keep you safe if any accidents do happen. This will prevent your or your family from cutting yourself on glass shards. The plastic bottom is the most durable portion of this scale and will really withstand any wear and tear.

Ease of Use

This scale is incredibly easy to use, after a fast and easy setup make sure you create a user profile for yourself on the Health Mate app. Once you do that and let the scale know exactly who you are it's as easy as just stepping on the scale. It will automatically transfer all your data via Wi-Fi to the app without you needing to do anything, it recognizes you automatically.

Power Source

Unlike the other Withings smart scales, this is the only one they make that is fully rechargeable. This has advantages and disadvantages, one huge advantage of the micro USB charging system is that the average battery life is 1 year so it's not like you need to remember to recharge your scale very often. The only disadvantage that comes to mind is that this makes it harder to travel via airplane with the scale. You cannot store it in checked luggage but you can still travel with it in carry on. You will just have to remove it with laptops and any other electronics when you go through TSA.

Bottom Line

Being the top of the line smart scale that Withings makes at the moment it's full of features like weight, standing heart rate, body composition analysis, Wi-Fi synchronization, high-end design, baby and pregnancy modes, BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and heart rate.
Overall this is one of the highest tech smart scales available on the market at the moment. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete, an expecting mother or just someone who wants to get in shape this year there is something this scale can offer you.