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The Withings Body composition Wi-Fi scale is now an older model compared to the newer released version of a very similar name called the Body+. But old doesn't necessarily mean bad depending on what you are looking to get out of a smart scale. This is a scaled-down version of its newer model and if you are not looking for something with all the bells and whistles that you don't really need, this might be the right fit for you.

The metrics it tracks are weight and BMI, this is considerably less than most smart scales on the market now but some people don't have a need for any of the other stats and just want the basics. It's compatible with both iOs and Android smartphones. It can hold up to 8 unique user profiles so the whole family can participate. Does all it's syncing via Wi-Fi and has other cool features like daily weather, nutrition tracking, and baby & pregnancy modes.

Editor's Pros & Cons

App compatible

BMI reading

Nutrition tracking

Multiple users

User recognition


Fewer features


Withings makes some of the most beautiful to look at smart scales on the market. It's incredibly thin at 0.9 inches thick and weighs only 4.41 pounds. This easily allows you to travel with it or store it away without taking up too much bulk in a cupboard. It's available in both black and white color choices which ensures your scale will match your bathroom decor. It used to come in limited edition pastel green and pastel sand color choices but they don't seem to be available anymore. If you are super lucky you may be able to find one of those colors online.

The scale top is smooth tempered glass which gives it a very luxurious and modern feel. The underside of the scale is durable plastic and it comes with 4 non-skid feet that also help with keeping the weight measurements accurate on carpet. The display screen on the front is extra large and high contrast making it easy to read. When you step on the scale it not only displays your current weight but it will also show you a trend graph of your last 8 weigh-ins so you know exactly how your progress is going without having to open the app. After it shows all your weight and trends it will display today's weather highs and lows so you can be more prepared for the day ahead.


This scale has your basic weight and BMI features, you can set your height through the app so it can accurately calculate your BMI rating. It has a total of 8 unique user profiles so everyone in the family can use it. This isn't as many users as some of the newer scales on the market but 8 should still be plenty unless you have a very large family. Once you step on the scale it automatically recognizes who you are by your weight and transfers the data to the app. All of your data syncs seamlessly via Wi-Fi without having to add any of it manually.

It has a handy baby mode where you can stand on the scale with your child and it will automatically subtract your weight from the final weigh-in amount giving you only the weight of your baby. This makes tracking they're healthy even easier. When you activate pregnancy mode the app will accurately and easily track your weight gain. Units wise the scale will display in kilograms, pounds, or stones whichever you prefer to use.

Nutrition Tracking

You can input your daily meals and snacks into the Health Mate app via MyFitnessPal, it will tack and sync your calories with your weight loss or gain goals. It can help you realize how your eating habits affect your body and keep you on track towards your goals. The app provides such features as calories eaten, burned, remaining, and your basal metabolism. All you have to do is input your weight, height, age, goal weight, and how fast you want to lose weight. The app does all the calculations automatically with all the info you give it. With the info and calculations, it will let you know how many calories it suggests per day for you to achieve your body goals.

One of the most unique features is the basal metabolism number, this is how many calories it takes to keep your body running throughout the day. This will change and fluctuate depending on how much exercise you've had that day or depending on how much muscle mass you have.


The top of this scale is a seamless piece of glass that looks sleek and stylish. The underside of the scale is a durable plastic and houses the 4 removable feet. This is one of the only smart scales without metal running through the scale top for an electric current measurement, this keeps the scale looking very minimalistic.

App Features

You have over 100 partnered apps to choose from with the Withings Body Composition Wi-Fi scale. The Health mate app is one of the best things about purchasing this scale. Health Mate is made by Withings to specifically pair with your scale, it is also compatible with many other apps making it a powerhouse. Health mate is a fitness, activity, and health tracker app that you can use to keep track of activities, sleep, weight and more. It will show you trends, charts, and progress over time to help you improve and reach your fitness goals.

Its activity features start with tracking, you can input your workouts into one of the many compatible apps or you can tun on your step tracker to track everyday walking and running. Set activity-related goals for you to reach every single week, if you make your goals you are rewarded. Speaking of rewards they offer a leaderboard that shows your progress and rankings, you can link this with your friends and family and challenge them to beat your fitness goals or vise versa.

As far as weight management features it will provide you with trends and graphs to show you where you started and how you are progressing. They offer a coaching program called Better Body, you will discover all about body composition and discover new ways to lose fat if you feel like you are stagnant. You can track your child's growth and make sure they are getting adequate nutrition outside of doctor's visits, you simply set it to baby mode and step on the scale holding your child and the scale does all the subtractions for you. They also offer a similar feature for during pregnancy so you can make sure you are on track with growth, they also offer doctors reviewed content at every stage of the pregnancy so you know what to expect if this is your first time pregnant.

Sleep management features include tracking your stages of sleep and if you were in deep or light sleep throughout the night. This helps if you don't feel rested and was wondering if you kept waking up during the night or never got enough restful deep sleep. You will also get a sleep score so you can better learn about your sleep quality. It has a built-in smart wake alarm that will wake you up at your optimal sleep cycle to avoid the grogginess or being woken up in deep sleep. They offer a sleep smarter feature that ties in with the coaching program to learn how you can consistently get better sleep which will aid in any weight loss goals you may have.

To round all the wellness categories off the Health Mate app offers on-demand meditation classes. It offers a popular meditation app called Petit BamBou right inside the app to help introduce you to techniques and gets you used to relaxing and slowing down. Meditation has many health benefits like improved sleep quality, decreased anxiety, and enhanced self-awareness which all have numerous health benefits.


This might be one of the most accurate smart scales on the market currently. Most customers have no issues with getting wrong or inaccurate weight readings. Do keep in mind though if you are using it on carpet that may play a factor with your readings. It comes with 4 feet to help carpet compression issues but I would still avoid taking any weigh-ins on carpet if possible. Any surface like hardwood, laminate, or linoleum will give you the most accurate reading possible.


This scale may be made out of glass but the scale top is a lot more strong than some people may think. The glass is specifically tempered so if anything were to happen no one would get seriously hurt. Unless you are dropping this scale from quite a height or bumping it around on the floor I don't see any issues with the durability of it.

The underside is plastic which is going to be very strong and will be able to take any wear and tear you throw at it. Some reports of shattered scales were straight out of the box and would have happened during rough shipping. If you do happen to have any durability issues with your scale keep in mind you have a 1-year manufacturers return policy.

Ease of Use

Setup is quite easy right out of the box, all you need to do is connect your scale to your app via Bluetooth and then connect it to your home Wi-Fi and you are ready to go. It will automatically sync all the weight readings you take to your specific user profile by being able to smart read who is on the scale. Weigh-ins are super quick and simple, not only will it sync all the info automatically like I just mentioned but it also required no on and off button. It will automatically go into sleep mode when it is not being used and once you step on the scale it will and take your reading withing seconds. The whole process is extremely fast and great for someone on the way to work or anyone on the go.

Power Source

Conveniently powered with 4 AAA batteries provide way more options than if it was rechargeable. If you keep backup batteries in the house you will never have your scale battery die on you as a rechargeable would. This also enables easier travel with it, you have the options or both carryon and checked luggage while flying.

By being able to remove the batteries you can follow TSA guidelines, if you have a rechargeable you would only be able to fly carry on with it and you would have to remove it during TSA checks like you would a laptop. However, its good to know that the 4 AAA batteries are not included in the packaging when you buy the scale so make sure to pick some up on the way home so you get to start using your new scale right away.

Family Use

Capable of holding up to 8 unique user profiles means that everyone in the family and maybe even some friends will be able to track their weight and BMI. Because the scale is so easy to use as long and a parent sets up an account on the app for a child they can do weigh in on their own depending on the age. With the added in baby mode and pregnancy mode, absolutely anyone can use it. Even if you are not born yet.

Bottom Line

With features like weight and BMI while this might not be the highest-tech scale on the market anymore its great dor anyone who wants a more basic approach to health and smart scales. The app is really where it truly shines, it has so many features you can hardly pick what to try out first and it encompasses a whole world of wellness that doesn't just start and end at weight and fitness but also includes mind and sleep.

Overall this is a great choice from someone new to the smart scale world who may no want overwhelming stats and choices but wants just a full sense of wellness in their life. Withings has been the leading brand in smart scales and it shows with the Body Composition Wi-Fi scale.