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The Withings Body+ Scale is one of the most high-tech and boasted about scales on the market, and it provides many features such as weight, body fat percent, water, bone, and muscle mass. It’s touch activated and gives you immediate on-screen results that also automatically sync with any compatible apps. Along with the unique user profiles it has pregnancy and baby modes to easily keep track of the young ones in your life. It's compatible with smartphones running IOS 8 or higher and Androids running 5.0 and higher with wi-fi or mobile data access. Holding a total of 8 unique user profiles, this scale is very multi-user friendly.

Your app options are endless with over 100+ compatible fitness, diet, health records, and home automation options. The biggest standouts being Apple Health and Google Fit. Because of its features as a smart scale is also has convenient details like providing you with the localized daily weather after its displayed your readings for the day. Its sleek design is sure to compliment any bathroom and is available in both black, white and fun new pastel sand and pastel green colorways to satisfy those muted color lovers. The only place the Withings Body+ Scale is lacking is users have found it can sometimes deliver inconsistent measurements as well as the glass scale top being potentially fragile.

Editor's Pros & Cons

App compatible

Body composition readings

Nutrition tracking

Multiple users

User recognition


Inconsistent measurements

Fragile glass

Connectability issues


This is one of the sleeker smart scales on the market. The Withings Body+ Scale is quite thin at less than 1 inch thick and only weighing 4.4 pounds which adds to its modern design. Its size allows you to either have it out and on display at all times or to be able to comfortably tuck it away without taking up too much storage space. It’s available in both black and white colorways so whatever color bathroom you have you will be able to pick out a stylish match.

The glass top gives it a prestigious feel that a fully plastic unit just wouldn't have. As well as the built-in digital screen which provides instant feedback while also adding to the overall minimalistic and pleasing design of the product. Its smooth plastic bottom is great on hardwood, linoleum or any other smooth flooring and also comes with plastic feet you can stick to the bottom if you need it to function on a carpet. These will add a bit of height but it's necessary for the Withings Body+ Scale to be able to counter the compression of the carpet so it can still deliver your accurate weight readings.


The wide variety of features is what truly makes the Withings Body+ Scale standout. It’s chock full of functions including weight, bone mass, fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass, and water weight. It automatically synchronizes with the Health Mate app every time you weigh in. This, then, is compatible with connected apps which include 100 of the most popular health and fitness apps. Some of the standouts are running and food tracking apps such as Runtastic, Runkeeper, and MapMyRun, Lose It!, My Fitness Pal, and Weight Watchers.

With every family member or user that has the Health Mate app set up on their phone, once you step on the Withings Body+ Scale it will automatically recognize which user it is weighing and update and track your results accordingly.

This is possibly the coolest and most ease of use feature they provide which takes the thought work out of weighing and tracking your results. Providing a max user amount of 8 ensures that unless you are a very big family that everyone will be able to make and track their own individual weight loss. One of the most underlooked features is the localized weather forecast you get every morning to help you plan your day as best as possible, rain or shine.

Nutrition Tracking

By inputting your daily meals into the Health Mate app or a compatible food tracking app you can track your caloric intake, sync and compare it with your weight results. This can provide some insight into how certain eating habits can affect your weight.

Some of the things listed on the app will be your calories are eaten, burned, remaining and your basal metabolism to help you better understand your body. It's as easy as inputting your current weight, height, age, goal weight, how fast you want to lose weight and the app does all the calculations for you. It will let you know exactly how many calories you are allotted per day. Super handy for anyone on a diet or looking to lose a few extra pounds.

One unique feature of the Withings Body+ Scale is the basal metabolism number which is how many calories it takes in a day to keep your body functioning while resting. Which is basically how many calories you need to eat in a day to function. This number will fluctuate and go up and down depending on how much exercise you have had that particular day.


Having glass as the main piece of the Withings Body+ Scale is seamless, chic, feels good to use and makes wiping clean a breeze. The bottom half is durable plastic as well as the removable feet. The center has a round metal disk that is used to run a very small electrical current you won't even feel or notice to measure other features like body fat and muscle mass.

The glass on its own is the least durable of all the materials that make up the Withings Body+ Scale overall; the plastic being the strongest. But combined they make a product that with even weight distribution and no drops or tumbles should be durable while not compromising looks.

App Choices

With over 100 partnered apps it’s really hard to choose which ones to try out first. You have basic apps like Apple Health and Google Fit that will work for anyone with any operating device. But they also offer a wider variety of some even obscure apps you would ever even think you wanted.

The run of the mill fitness tracking apps like Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Runtastic, and even able to sync with Fitbit to keep tracking your exercise easy and fun. Nutrition and weight offer up popular apps like WeightWatchers, MyFitnessPal, Lose It! and MyPlate.

Health record apps might not be something you thought about pairing with your Withings Body+ Scale but they offer a range from WebMD to MyVatali which tracks your vital signs. The most unexpected apps by far are in the home automation category which are focused more on compatible smart devices. Within it are IFTTT which lets you save whatever you are choosing to track onto a spreadsheet you can send to your doctor and Nest which can control your thermostat to try and predict your most comfortable temperature based on your data.


Inaccurate readings seem to be a hit or miss with some consumers. Some were reporting constant inaccuracies and inconsistent weight measurements that made the Withings Body+ Scale practically useless. To try and avoid some of these issues its recommended to use on a hard surface as well as paying attention to the scale indicating if you are standing with your weight off center which can drastically affect the reading.

This looks to be in the actual mechanics or the computer inside of the scale and not app related. If you are having issues with your Withings Body+ Scale it could be a user error issue or the possibility you got the luck of getting a dud product. They do however have a 1-year manufacturer's return policy, so if you are having any issues with your product you can always contact their customer service representatives and inquire about a refund or a replacement.


One of the negatives and downsides of the glass top piece is that it can be easily breakable in the right scenario. Be careful with bumping or dropping it as some buyers have had the glass top completely shatter on them rendering the whole product useless. This may not be the product for you if you are worried about the fragility of the glass or have small children in the household.

The other possible weak point is the built-in display screen, it's most fragile while shipping and being bumped around while traveling from place to place. Since you do not place any body weight on it during the weighing process its quite durable if it survives the shipping process.

Durability is good for the average buyer besides some customers getting a faulty product which is always something that can happen with the nature of electronics. But overall the Withings Body+ Scale should be lasting you years of use if you treat it right

Ease of Use

Setup is a breeze! You simply connect the Withings Body+ Scale with the app and then connect it with your home wi-fi and then you are ready to start tracking. After the initial setup, it’s as easy as stepping on the scale when you want your weight and or other features updated. It will automatically wake up from sleep mode when you step on it so no need to flip it over or remember a power button. Quick and easy readings when you need them.

If you are not standing with your weight distributed evenly it will display arrows on the screen showing you where you are putting too much weight so you can adjust accordingly. Let's say you fluctuate quite a bit between scale readings and the app cannot recognize it's you, you can still assign unknown readings to the correct user. The Withings Body+ Scale will always automatically choose who they think is standing on it for keeping track of readings.

Power Source

That fact that it is powered by 4 AAA batteries keeps things easy with no cords or things to plug into. You will find that they have very conveniently provided you the batteries in the box. However, if you are concerned about the waste associated with using disposable batteries do not fear. The battery life is rated up to 18 months with consistent use. Which means if you use your Withings Body+ Scaleinfrequently it can last you possibly even longer.

Being able to remove the batteries also helps the jet setters who want to travel with their scale. By flying with the batteries removed you will be able to store it in checked luggage, or if you have it in your carry-on bag you won't have to remove it like you would anything with a built-in lithium-ion battery.

Family Use

With the capability of up to 8 registered users, you should have room for the whole family to track their results. Because of the ease of use if you have children using it you can set up their user profiles on a parents smartphone and all they have to do is step on the Withings Body+ Scale to register their reading straight to the app.

Another helpful feature is if you have a parent with a user account and want to weight a baby or child who is too young to step on the scale themselves you can make them an account and step on holding them, because the smart scale knows your weight already it will automatically deduct that from the end reading. Possibly one of the easiest ways to weigh your child or baby.

Bonus tip, this works great for pets as well! For all the fur babies in your life who you need to keep on track with all the extra treats.

Price Range

At first glance, the price range might seem quite high but after comparing this with similar models a good quality smart scale is a small investment that is sure to be worth it. You can find ones that tote as comparable models for a fraction of the cost but are riddled with connectivity issues, inaccurate readings and have fewer perks and features. Why spend less over and over again when you could invest once and get a quality product that will last.

Bottom Line

Looking at all the Withings Body+ Scale offers, which are a lot, it is easy to see that it is worthy of checking out. The number of compatible apps, all the features it tracks, the ease of use, automatic syncing features, range of friendly smartphones, the large number of user profiles, and power source are all top selling-points.

Overall this is a scale that is worth the price tag, is incredibly user-friendly and will last. There is a reason celebrities who have undergone huge amounts of weight loss recommend the Withings Body+ Scale. Its quality and features really speak for themselves and have set this product apart from its competitors. With a sleek design on top of all of that, it really makes this the standout winner for smart scales at the moment.