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The XTERRA Fitness TR150 folding treadmill is a good option for those of you on a budget. It does not offer as many advanced features as others you may have looked into, but it does offer enough to keep you motivated. Whether you are trying to improve your cardiovascular health, lose weight, build endurance, or enhance your strength this product can help you along the way. For those of you that are already marathon runners and looking for an extreme challenge, you may not find it here. This item is limited in its ability to incline. It does offer a clear and large display to allow you to easily keep track of your stats during each training session. If you are working with limited space in your home gym this can be easily folded to free up some room for other activities like training with your heavy bag, yoga, or other fitness routines. The durable design will accommodate a variety of users. The deck offers cushioning which in turn will provide you with a more comfortable run. This machines ability to absorb shock will keep your body feeling excellent even if you typically suffer from sore joints and muscles after a long run. Consumers are also very pleased with the large running surface that this piece of equipment provides. Overall, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option that is simple to put together this could be your perfect treadmill.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Shock Absorbing Deck
  • Affordable
  • Clear Assembly Instructions
  • Great For Daily Use
  • Slim Design
  • Ample Running Surface
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Manual Incline
  • Louder Than Many
  • Lower Weight Limit


XTERRA Fitness has been providing people across the globe with great fitness equipment for more than thirty years. This brand helps you accomplish a healthier way of living. You will be able to find options in treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical trainers and more. There are a variety of features seen throughout their items so that you can find the challenge and aspects you want and need to live the healthiest lifestyle you can. Pairing their equipment with a healthy diet can lead you to faster results in areas such as weight loss, muscle growth, and endurance improvement. You can find basic options that won’t break the bank as well as pricer ones with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. The customer service area of this business is also outstanding and will help you fix any issues you find. Overall, people are more than satisfied with the quality of the products produced by this brand.

Basic Features

Most of the basic features we see and high-quality treadmills can be found with this option. That does not mean that you will get all of them that you may expect. It does provide you with dual cup holders, one on each side of the console. This will give you the ability to easily access your water bottle throughout your entire training session. This product also features an emergency stop key. If this key is not in its proper location the treadmill will not function. Consumers with young children love this aspect as it provides a good level of safety to those around you. One of the basic features that this product is missing, is a fan. You will have to place a fan in your fitness area if you want a cool breeze while you run. This is more of an inconvenience than a downfall in regards to this item. Consumers are also impressed with the media shelf located right underneath the display. You can easily place your tablet here to watch movies, TV, or listen to music. Lastly, this product is simple to fold. By simply pulling a knob you'll be able to clear up some room in your home gym for other activities.

Advanced Features

While this item does not have a plethora of advanced features it does have a few to help keep your routine convenient. You will have access to 12 different programs. This will give some variety to routine and can help keep you motivated towards meeting your goals. This product also features an LCD display. Coming in at 5 in it is easy to read and will provide you with several different pieces of information. This includes aspects like the number of calories you have burned, how far you have traveled, and the length of time you've been working out. The ability to see information like this can truly help to keep you driven and continuing towards better health. You'll be able to keep track of your heart rate, as well. With a built-in pulse sensor targeting cardio, fat burn, or strength enhancing zones is a breeze.


You will get a couple of incline options if you decide to go with this item. When deciding you want to increase the incline you will need to do it manually. A lot of consumers dislike this feature as it makes it impossible to adjust the incline during your routine. It is very simple to do and there are three different levels of inclined to choose from. It has been noted from customers that even at its highest setting the incline is insignificant. This can be a negative aspect for those of you that are in excellent physical condition. The inability to truly challenge yourself can inhibit your performance as well as your growth in your given sport. So, if you are already invested in running and you are looking for a treadmill that can provide you with ultimate challenge and great inclines, this may not be the best choice for you.


When deciding to purchase this treadmill you will get a few features that help improve your overall level of comfort. That being said, it is also lacking in some of the features that lead to a truly comfortable run. Consumers are exceptionally pleased with a deck of this item. It provides excellent cushioning which in turn absorbs a great deal of shock. This means that your body will take less impact. when you take less impact you will notice that your muscles and Joints feel better than they have in a very long time. Obviously, this plays a major role in how comfortable you feel using this product on a daily basis. Another huge Comfort featuring treadmills is the fan. As previously mentioned, this product does not have a fan and when you are working hard at maybe an aspect that you really miss. This item also only offers one position to hold on. There are short side rails to help give you support and balance when you are using this item. Some consumers do wishes they were longer or that there were multiple options but overall there are not many complaints regarding this.


While this treadmill does not go quite as fast as other options it will give you quite a variety of speeds to choose from. When just starting now it will turn on at half a mile an hour. This is exceptionally slow. You can increase the speed up to 10 miles per hour. Obviously, 10 miles an hour is going to be a challenge to keep up with. You will be able to easily adjust the speed of your run. There are pre-programmed buttons to increase or decrease speed. so, while this product does not give you many options in incline, it will give you plenty of choices in regards to speed. The transition between speed does not lack and customers have noted that it is quite smooth. This leads to a better run and a happier user.


Some treadmills are absolutely massive That's making them impossible to fit into small home gyms or cramped Apartments. This item is quite a bit smaller than those you see at your local gym or at a fitness club. While this item is unfolded it is almost 64 inches long. The length is only one piece though, what truly matters for a lot of people is the width. You will be looking at a slightly smaller with when choosing this item as well. It comes in at 28 and 3/4 inches wide. As previously noted, this product does have the ability to be folded for storage. When you do this it will only be 28 and 1/2 inches long and the width does not change. Unfortunately, this product cannot hold as much user weight as other more durable options. If your weight exceeds 250 pounds you will want to take a look at some other treadmill options.


One of the biggest advantages that come along with this treadmill is its decreased size. For many people, room for a bulky treadmill is just not something that they have. The fact that you can save room by folding this item up is also an advantage. This item also offers you quite a few different workout programs that will give you a diverse range of options which in turn will help keep you focused and motivated in meeting your goals. The variable speed is also an advantage. When you combine this with the pulse rate sensor you will be able to hone in on your target zone easily. This will lead you to faster results whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your strength, or burn fat. Another advantage of this item is its sturdy design. Regardless of how hard you are running, it will be able to support you with ease. Overall, customers are thrilled with the advantages this product has given to their life and health.


There are a couple of things you're going to want to be aware of before purchasing this piece of fitness equipment. One of the major complaints that we hear from customers has to do with the incline. It is exceptionally inconvenient to have a treadmill manual incline. You will not have the ability to switch it up throughout your routine and this is a feature most people want. Another comment that we have heard from customers is that this product is a bit louder than other treadmills they have used in the past. This could lead to disruption to the other people in your household. The last real thing that people are concerned about in regards to this item is the weight limit that it carries. Anyone wearing over 250 lbs will need to look for a more heavy-duty option to ensure that the durability of equipment is as good as it can be. This weight limit is quite a bit lower than others that are out there and available to you.


The value of this product varies depending on your needs. The price tag that it carries is exceptionally reasonable and will fit into most budgets with ease. You may still need to take a bit of time to save enough money to call it your own but it won't take nearly as long as pretty much every other treadmill out there. Now, with that being said, if you are in great physical condition this product may not offer the type of challenge you are looking for. You may also find it to be exceptionally inconvenient to adjust the incline. Not only that, the incline is not extreme so you won't have the feeling of climbing a serious hill while working on this machine. In terms of quality, this product is of good value. For beginners to intermediate users, we feel as if this product is a great value. If you are extremely fit the value of this product will be decreased. You really may want to look for a higher-end model that provides features that will keep you focused and achieving your goals.

Bottom Line

This product really is a solid option for beginner and mid-level walkers or runners. There are disadvantages that come along with buying this item, however, we do not feel as if they even come close to outweighing all of the advantages you get when using it. Pairing a piece of equipment like this with a healthy diet can lead to improved weight loss among other fitness related goals. As mentioned, marathon runners or exceptionally fit people may not find the challenge they are looking for with this item. It does carry most of the basic features that we expect to see in treadmills today. It is lacking a couple and the advanced features are a bit limited. When you look at the price of this item we feel that these things are completely understandable. Overall, this is a good choice for a large variety of people.