ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars Reviewed

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ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars give you more than most other protein bars in their class. They will provide you with a good amount of protein which your body will then break down into Amino Acids. These Amino Acids help your muscles feel and perform better. In addition, this bar packs nineteen different vitamins and minerals into its ingredient list to help you reach your daily nutritional goals more easily. Part of the vitamins you will be consuming are also antioxidants which are great for immune, skin, and overall health. The ingredients used are clean and you won’t need to worry about unwanted and unneeded artificial substances, like flavors and colors. With a good flavor variety, you are sure to be able to find one you truly enjoy eating on a regular basis. Whether you are a busy mom always on the go, a hardcore gym rat, or on a journey towards decreasing body fat and weight, this protein bar can help keep you full and fuel your routine. Consumers are quite fond of this brand and their protein bars not only for the taste but the effect it has on their lives. The fact that it will provide you with added energy is an added bonus and will help make sluggish days less difficult to get through.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Crunchy and Chewy Options
  • Contains Vitamins and Minerals
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • Excellent Flavor Variety
  • Good Taste
  • Great Texture
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Container Size Variety Options
  • Small Bar Size
  • Very Soft


ZonePerfect is a busy person's best friend. They understand that life is oftentimes too busy to spend long hours researching products and making great decisions for your overall health. Due to this, they provide ingredients that are superior to many others and create products that will help keep you full. Succeeding in gaining muscle or losing weight takes a lot of work and trying to ensure you are meeting your daily nutritional needs can be exceptionally difficult. Their protein bars are packed full of quality nutrients that will aid you regardless of your goals. Great brands like this one offer great products. This is easy to see by the huge following they have amassed in a very short amount of time.


Taste is, obviously, a very objective subject. The general consensus is that these bars really taste great. There are a variety of flavors, therefore, you should be able to easily find one that you truly love the taste of. Some people find them quite sweet but there do not seem to be reports of this product leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth after consuming. It is impressive to us that these bars taste so good because they carry a great nutritional value. You will be able to enjoy your daily protein-boosting product without sacrificing your diet and this is an aspect of these bars that customers can truly stand behind.


Offering a variety of flavor options is pretty much a must when talking about nutrition bars. Everyone has different preferences and when you have several options the brand benefits due to a higher likelihood that you will find a couple you like and stick with them. ZonePerfect offers their classic bar in a large variety of different flavor options which should make finding some that you like a pretty simple task. You will have the choice between Cookies N’ Cream Dough, Chocolate Almond Raisin, Strawberry Yogurt, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cinnamon roll, Dark Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Double Dark Chocolate, Fudge Graham, Salted Caramel Brownie, and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. From this list, it is simple to see why so many find it easy to pick a few flavors that they absolutely end up falling in love with.


In many customer’s opinions, this product has one of the best consistencies available in this category. They are nice and chewy. At the same time when you buy it in flavors like, Chocolate Almond, you will get nice chunks of Almonds that provide some excellent texture. Some have noted a gritty consistency that feels much like sugar in your mouth. This is extremely common among protein bars. It has also been said that these bars are not nearly as crumbly as others you may have consumed in the past. This is nice as they don’t make as much of a mess when you are eating them on the go. Overall, we are certain you will be satisfied with the texture and if you find one you aren’t, give another a try as each flavor option is slightly different.


This product is exceptionally effective at helping you meet your daily nutritional goals. With a blend of vitamins and minerals, your body craves you will find your energy levels are enhanced and in general you feel better. This product, of course, packs a punch of protein that will be broken down in your body to form Amino Acids. They are responsible for muscle growth, recovery, and maintenance. What this means for you is a reduction in soreness after tough gym sessions, as well as, increased muscle growth. Your muscles will be better maintained which means less breakdown, even when you are working hard and overusing them on a daily basis. All of this will lead to better performance in weight loss, muscle building, or general activities.


The ingredients list that you are faced with will vary based off of which flavor variety you choose. There are some common ingredients that, regardless of flavor choice, you will get when buying this brand’s option. In each one, you will be getting what this brand calls Soy Protein Nuggets which are made of Isolated Soy Protein, Tapioca Starch, Cocoa, and Salt. They also include Corn Syrup, Fructose Syrup, and Soy Protein Isolate. There is also their blend of Vitamins and Minerals. They include Vitamin C, B3, E, Iron, B6, B1, B2, B7, B9, Sodium Selenite, Sodium Molybdate, and Vitamin B12. These are common vitamins that people have trouble getting enough of during their daily routine.


The caloric intake of these bars varies depending on what variety you choose. There is a range between one hundred and eighty and two hundred and ten calories per serving. This is not enough to replace a meal, however, it the perfect amount for a snack. Finding healthy snack options that actually help you stay full and fuel you for a stellar workout can be a hard thing to do. This has the perfect amount of fulfilling calories to do just these things. It is easy to fit them into your daily routine regardless of the diet you find yourself on and that is easily appreciated among users. If you do want to use this as part of a meal replacement plan you should add other healthy options alongside it to ensure you are consuming enough food to keep you feeling great throughout the day.


The sugar content of each flavor option varies. It ranges between twelve and nineteen grams of sugar per serving. This is actually quite a bit higher than other options but it does make sense as to why this product tastes so good. This may be a bit high for some people but it honestly isn’t as excessive as many others available. When you take into consideration the other nutritional facts about this product it is easy to see why others make the sugar exception. They use natural sugars, not artificial sweeteners which causes fewer negative effects. For obvious reasons, people prefer this product because of the natural ingredients and find ways to work real sugar into for stellar products.


Protein is known for the boost in energy your body will experience once consumed. This is only part of the reason you find increased energy. The vitamin and mineral blend used in this product will also help enhance your overall energy levels. Energy gained from this product is long lasting and will never leave you feeling completely devoid of energy when it processes through your system, like pre-workouts that are chalked full of caffeine. The increased energy will allow you to go longer and harder during your fitness routine and in turn, will help you attain better results. Life can be exhausting and a healthy dose of sustained energy is an appreciated aspect of this product.


Like pretty much every other protein bar available on today’s market one bar is equal to one serving. It is important to note that they do offer different sized bars. You can get them in 1.76-ounce bars or 1.41 ounces. This will allow you to adjust the caloric intake to fit your daily needs and goals. While most brands do not offer container size variety with this type of product ZonePerfect actually does. You can buy these in twenty, thirty, or thirty-six count boxes. This is an excellent aspect for those of you that like to stock up on your monthly supplies and intend on eating one of these every day.

Side Effects

We were unable to find any actual side effects caused by this product but that is not to say that it will not cause you any negative effects. This is not to say that you, personally, won’t experience any when using this product. While protein bars carry fewer adverse effects than many other nutritional supplements there are some common ones for them. So, you could experience bloating, gas, nausea, or upset stomach while using this product. It is important to note that because this product does contain a blend of vitamins and minerals if you are taking a multivitamin, you need to be careful as to not consume high volumes of non-water soluble vitamins like vitamin K. In addition, whenever adding a supplement into your daily life you should discuss it with your doctor to ensure it will be beneficial to you.


There are a plethora of advantages in adding this product to your life. You will be able to curb your appetite with a healthy snack that you enjoy the thought of eating. Also, you will be getting a decent amount of protein that will allow your muscles to recover faster not only after each set but after each home or local gym session. This means less soreness and accelerated muscle growth. You will be shedding inches and pounds of fat when you use this to supplement a junky snack. When you pair it with a stellar diet and frequent exercise you will see that your results are improved and you will not be the only one noticing. You can stock up easily which makes this product more convenient than many other options that are currently available. Overall, customers agree this product has a positive impact in how you look and how you feel.


One of the biggest complaints about this product is the size of the bars. While they hold a decent amount of calories they are quite small and some people do not feel they are filling enough even for a snack. This is common when people just start to diet and realize that a snack-sized portion. Another disadvantage is the fact that this product does carry a fairly high sugar and carbohydrate content and that can make it difficult to fit this into your daily routine. These are the only real disadvantages we can find when discussing this product. There could be an argument that the side effects of this product are disadvantages but basically, all supplements come with some and this product has none reported. This makes us feel that this is not a real disadvantage.


These nutritional bars are more affordable than several others available to you today. Honestly, for the number of servings you receive most budgets should be able to afford a monthly supply very easily. There is also the fact that you have a variety of container sizes which will allow you to work it into your budget more easily. It is important to note that when you order a higher quantity you will receive a bit of a discount and therefore they become even more affordable. Add to this fact that these bars are exceptionally effective and you will easily be able to understand why so many people feel they are an exceptional value. Overall, we agree that this product is a great value and will be beneficial to most people’s lives.

Bottom Line

You will get a great variety in flavor choices, meaning you are certain to find at least a few that you truly enjoy. This makes consuming this type of product much more enjoyable. It contains a good variety of vitamins and minerals to help keep energy levels up and to help balance your daily nutritional needs. You will reap the benefits of increased protein levels and you will notice it quickly. The effect will be seen in your overall soreness levels, muscle growth, and stamina. We feel this product is a good one and there are so few disadvantages to adding it in that everyone should give them a try. Consumers agree that it has been overall advantageous deciding to add this product to their lives.