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Hello, my name is Mike, thanks for visiting this website!

I am adherent of mixed martial arts for several years for now; I have taken part in a variety of classic martial arts and MMA tournaments and sporting events.

Right now, I am 28 years old man, with a lot of martial arts expertise to share with everyone on this website. Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo are the martial arts I’ve been attending since my childhood.

No matter if you’re a novice or professional martial artist, coach, or into boxing for its positive aspects, Fighting Report is your #1 source for finding the very best boxing gloves.

When you are in a fighting mode, you definitely need high quality training equipment at a reasonable price, for the sake of best training outcome. From fighting gloves to punching bags, Fighting Report showcases world’s finest martial art equipment.

Discovering your perfect pair of gloves is a daunting task in any respect; the market associated with combat tools and components is huge – it has just almost infinite variety of boxing gloves available. I got you covered though – investing tons of time investigating and exploring every piece of equipment out there –I assembled the very best boxing gloves available on the market today into nifty reviews.

These reviews are made on my personal experience, as well as on the expertise of other martial artists. Reading through articles on the web and feedbacks; examining sales from online stores and manufacturers information of the product – I compiled the list of best fighting equipment that the world has to offer – all for the sake of saving your precious time.

Remember to take into account that not every set of gloves that has been positively evaluated will suit your requirements. You have to consider several aspects of the gloves, for example the main reason for use: do you need gloves for sparring, punching boxing bag, or competing in tournaments? There are different types of gloves for each occasion.

I honestly hope that my website will help you decide what your next pair of boxing gloves is going to be. I will perform my best to continue providing high quality content. Don’t forget to leave feedback! In case of questions regarding boxing gloves or any other type of fighting equipment, be sure to contact me [email protected] or check out my facebook!

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